Advanced SDK for Customizing Visualizations

Learn how to adapt D3 and other graphs so they are compatible with MicroStrategy and then integrate them into a dossier. Create a new visualization from scratch, or use a visualization from the Internet. Incorporate advanced features like metric thresholds, customized drop zones, and custom properties. Explore complex real-world visualizations to appropriately and easily implement these features, and deploy them to other environments. Provides advanced customization techniques, including coding.

Skills you gain

  • Analyzing and writing code in JavaScript
  • Modifying XML files, HTML, and CSS
  • Using the Visualization SDK API
  • Introductory D3 and SVG
  • Creating a D3 visualization and a plug-in
  • Converting a D3 visualization to consume MicroStrategy data
  • Defining custom properties in a visualization

MicroStrategy products covered

  • MicroStrategy SDK
  • MicroStrategy Web
  • MicroStrategy Desktop


  • Introduction to visualizations
  • Convert D3 visualizations
  • Create D3 visualizations
  • Exploit advanced visualization features
  • Create advanced D3 visualizations
  • Explore complex visualizations
  • Deploy D3 visualizations

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