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Harness the power of the world's leading analytics and mobility platform.

MicroStrategy Education is committed to the success of every MicroStrategy practitioner, from novice analysts to most experienced Intelligence Center architects. To that end, we’ve designed a program of continuous training and certification for the essential roles in your Intelligent Enterprise.

Train and Certify Every User

Our subscription-based Education Passes make it easy, giving you convenient and economical access to all the training you need to build your MicroStrategy skills and advance your career.

Our key educational offerings include:

Education Pass - Architect

For Architects and Administrators

The Architect Pass is a 12-month subscription that gives you unlimited access to our entire catalog of live and on-demand courseware, enabling you to pursue all twelve MicroStrategy certifications. Recommended for every architect or developer, this pass also includes access to the Expert.Now service, where users can interact with MicroStrategy experts via a live video chat.

The Architect Pass is $3,500 per user per year, discounted to $2,000 when purchased in a bundle of 10 or more.

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Here's what you get:

Unlimited Education:
Access our entire catalog of live and on-demand courseware and enabling you to pursue all twelve MicroStrategy certifications.

Expert.Now Service:
Set up on-demand or scheduled video sessions with our global team of analytics experts to get face-to-face assistance on a wide range of technical topics.

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Education Pass - Analyst

For Analysts, Data Scientists, and Developers

The Analyst Pass is a 12-month subscription that gives you cost-effective access to all the courseware related to 11 courses and three analyst certifications (Analyst, Data Scientist, and Developer). It is recommended for every Power User and Web User.

Education Pass – Analyst is $350 per user per year, discounted to $200 when purchased in a bundle of 100 or more.

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MicroStrategy Education Services

For Private and Custom Course Delivery

Our expert instructors are available to deliver private training, which can be further tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We use Education Services to cover the costs of preparing and customizing the content and delivering it at a location of your choice.

A detailed summary of our MicroStrategy Education Services options can be found here.

Find your MicroStrategy Role

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Certification Paths for Every Role

MicroStrategy’s certifications are recognized throughout the industry for their rigorous learning paths and hands-on final projects. A MicroStrategy certification will validate and promote your expertise inside and outside your company.

  • Digital Badges - After completing your certification, you’ll receive a digital badge to post on social media to highlight your accomplishment, and you can be included in MicroStrategy’s Registry of Certified Professionals.
  • Analyst Pass - The Analyst Pass supports three foundational certifications. Every MicroStrategy practitioner should earn their Analyst Certification (ANL) as a baseline, and then explore the Data Scientist (SCI) and Developer (DVL) paths to deepen their knowledge.
  • Architect Pass - With the Architect Pass, you can validate your expertise and pursue advanced certifications for specialized Intelligence Center roles. With on-demand access to the Expert.Now service, you'll be empowered with the technology, technique, and support you need to quickly build and deploy intelligence apps across the enterprise.
Browse our certifications

For full details on certification courses, learning paths, and requirements, read the MicroStrategy Education catalog:

Read the Course Catalog Microstrategy Education 2020 catalog thumbnail
“As part of our overall training plan for ConiferCore® Business Insights (CCBI), we rely heavily on MicroStrategy Education Services. From enterprise wide training available through our Learning Management System (LMS), to customized instructor led hands-on training for power users, we see them as an indispensable partner in maximizing our staff’s potential.”
– Conifer Health Solutions
“MicroStrategy's Education Services provides knowledge, confidence, and empowers everyone from our global analysts to our executive team members to become more self-sufficient and productive to support our global business initiatives.”
– Omega World Travel

Train on your Terms

The MicroStrategy Course Catalog features over 50 multi-level courses and certifications covering a full spectrum of topics related to analytics and mobility. Our courseware is available in multiple languages and in a variety of formats.

You can select the training method that works best with your schedule and preferences:

Instructor-led Classroom

MicroStrategy-certified instructors deliver our courses live in cities around the world. You’ll benefit from hands-on experiences, exceptional materials, and interactions with up to 20 peers.

Instructor-led Online

MicroStrategy-certified instructors deliver our courses live and online in various time zones around the world. You’ll work in our high-performance cloud environment while avoiding the hassle of traveling.

Interactive eLearning

Most of our courses are available as interactive eLearning modules. These modules follow the same content as instructor-led courses, but also contain instructional videos, multimedia content, simulations, and quizzes.

Video Recordings

We have thousands of hours of on-demand recorded course sessions, available to take whenever and wherever. These videos are easily accessible through the MicroStrategy Education Center, so you can train at your own pace and convenience.

Private Classes, Accelerated Learning, and Individual Education

In addition to subscription-based access via Education Passes, our best-in-class education courses and certifications are available through private/custom instructor-led classes, or through individual purchase.

Private and Customized Classes

We offer a range of options to have one of our experts deliver private training, which can be further tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We use Education Services to cover the costs of preparing and customizing the content and delivering it at your location. The table below summarizes summarizes the estimated labor required for our private course delivery options:

Type Description Estimated Labor
Private Instructor-led (Existing class or certification) Existing 2020 course and/or certification delivered privately on-premise or online. [up to 20 students] 8 hours per 1 day of instruction
Private and Custom Instructor-led (Customized Class) Existing 2020 course customized with the customer’s data, reports, dossiers, and cards. [up to 20 students] 24 hours per 1 day of instruction
Private and Commissioned Instructor-led (Brand New Class) Education experience built from scratch. Instruction and workshops tailored to the customer’s specific needs. [up to 20 students] 40 hours per 1 day of instruction

Bootcamps to Accelerate Your Training

MicroStrategy’s renowned Bootcamp experience enables students to earn their Analyst (ANL) or MicroStrategy Architect (MCA) certifications in an accelerated timeframe:

Analyst Bootcamp: Earn your ANL certification in just 5 days of focused training. The ANL Bootcamp is available to students with an Analyst or Architect Pass.

Architect Bootcamp: Earn your MCA certification through an intensive 20-day program. The MCA Bootcamp is only available to students with an Architect Pass.

Bootcamps sessions are instructor-led, available in-person and online in cities and time zones around the world. They are delivered on a regular quarterly cadence, so you can confidently plan your schedule in advance. You can easily register for Bootcamp sessions by visiting the MicroStrategy Education Center and searching for either the MCA or ANL Bootcamp

Individual Courses and Certifications

MicroStrategy courses and certifications can also be purchased individually through our MicroStrategy Education Center. Courses are $700 per course per day and can be purchased via credit card or customer invoice. We strongly recommend that students taking two or more courses purchase an Architect or Analyst Pass, which will save them money and give them access to a broader range of content.

Get Started with MicroStrategy Education

Our teams are happy to work with you to provide the right course offerings. To get started, speak with your Account Executive or contact the Education Department directly at education@microstrategy.com.