How to Deploy HyperIntelligence in An Hour

Join Saurabh Abhyankar EVP of Marketing at MicroStrategy as he introduces the HyperIntelligence card and walks through just how easy it is to get started with this transformational technology.

Join MicroStrategy EVP of Marketing Saurabh Abhyankar as he introduces the concept of a card and walks through the end-to-end process of building a card with MicroStrategy Workstation. Learn how cards connect the dots from across the enterprise data landscape to provide a 360-degree view of the topics that are most important to your business. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn more about:  

  • Using a card to bring together data on a specific topic from disparate enterprise data sources   
  • Enabling users to take immediate action and trigger cross-application workflows directly from a card  
  • Leveraging the security and scalability of the MicroStrategy platform to seamlessly deploy cards to thousands of users 
  • Building cards using easy, drag-and-drop workflows in MicroStrategy Workstation