Machine Learning is Expanding Insights

Studies show that machine learning is an increasingly important tool for leading organizations, who expand their impact with machine learning algorithms and data science applications. MicroStrategy provides an extensive library of native statistic and analytical functions, and connects to numerous other data sources and languages, such as R and Python.

MicroStrategy offers a unified platform for creating and deploying advanced analytics and machine learning models. With MicroStrategy's API environment and connectors to 100s of data sources, analysts and data scientists can pull in governed data, guaranteeing its integrity. Using the R Integration Pack and MicroStrategy, business analysts can produce predictive analytics without coding knowledge and disseminate those results throughout their organization. Data scientists can utilize these connectors to create their own models in the coding language of their choice, analyze it wherever they'd like, and then deploy model predictions to thousands of users through MicroStrategy, breaking down the silos between data scientists and business users.