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This is What Enterprise Analytics Professionals Told IT Central Station about MicroStrategy

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog from IT Central Station, dubbed by the Wall Street Journal as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology.”

In 2018, IT Central Station sent our events team to MicroStrategy World with one goal: to find out what real users had to say about their experiences with MicroStrategy.

As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, we are constantly on the hunt for user feedback that can help our ever-growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. When the IT Central Station events team goes to conferences like MicroStrategy World, we have the unique opportunity to reach a large group of people in one place who can share their opinions.

Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we at IT Central Station have created a long-standing reputation of offering current, objective, and relevant information about enterprise technology solutions to our community. Through our triple-authentication process, we ensure that our reviews only come from knowledgeable users without vendor bias.

To that end, while MicroStrategy invited us to attend MicroStrategy World, they were not present when their users were providing reviews, nor did they approve the reviews before they were published on our platform. This was to ensure that MicroStrategy users were able to provide their honest feedback that could best benefit our community.

As we collected these reviews, we discovered that many MicroStrategy users providing reviews highlighted similar features that contributed to their positive experiences with this leading business intelligence platform. In this post, we highlight three of the most prevalent themes that came up during MicroStrategy World among MicroStrategy users, which we hope will help others looking for unbiased tech reviews in their market research.

Ease of Use

One of the top-mentioned themes that came up during MicroStrategy World was MicroStrategy’s ease of use:

“I think ease of use is definitely a benefit to our users, from an administrative perspective as well as a business end-user perspective. I found that it's very easy to get users into the system, get them familiar.” —Analyst at a retailer with more than 5,000 employees.

“I like the user interface and the experience has been great. The subscription model is excellent. About half of our reporting comes out of the subscription, and from there, the ease of use in dragging and dropping reporting objects.” —Brad C., Enterprise Analytics Manager at a retailer with more than 1,000 employees.

Superior Mobile Capabilities

Another valuable feature that came up frequently throughout MicroStrategy World was the ability to use MicroStrategy on mobile. For these users, MicroStrategy’s mobile capabilities made a significant impact on the ways they could use this solution:

“In the old days—which is not long ago, about ten years ago—before iPhones, you literally had to go back to your desk to run a report, and your report could take an hour to run. Now, you can run that same report, you can access it from Starbucks, or wherever, to your mobile device, and you've got access to information. The decision makers within your company have access to the information wherever they want it, whenever they want it.” —Mobile Consultant at a tech vendor.

“Previously, we did not know we could have a mobile app. We looked at having a mobile app with MicroStrategy when we found out that we could, then we tried it out. It is convenient having it right there on the phone. They do not have to login. They can get it from anywhere they are.” —BI Developer at a manufacturing company with more than 1,000 employees.


MicroStrategy’s scalability was another popular theme that came up during MicroStrategy World, and this feature has ensured that MicroStrategy has continued to meet its customers’ needs:

“MicroStrategy is one of our key tool sets that we are focusing on for 2018 and beyond. It has the potential to become a great evangelist for AI and other embedded analytics. MicroStrategy, so far, has based their product match the design that we have. The single stack solution will always be more profitable, scalable, and elastic for organizational needs.” —Senior Project Management at a tech services company.

“I have had a lot of projects where we had a lot of users, like thousands of users, and the data was in one report which could bring in six million records. MicroStrategy is doing a good job on scalability.” —Aurelio G., BI Engineer at a tech services company.

Want to learn more about what enterprise technology professionals really think about MicroStrategy? Read more user reviews from MicroStrategy World and beyond. Want to share your opinions about MicroStrategy with our community? Write your own review.

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