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MicroStrategy World 2019 Datathon Uses Data for Good

MicroStrategy’s datathon competition at World 2019 brought together data and analytics all-stars from around the world to leverage MicroStrategy’s newest features—and it wasn’t just for recognition or money. This year’s competition was all about using data for good.

First, we’d like to send a huge thanks to Snowflake for sponsoring the datathon competition this year and providing their cloud-based data warehouse to every competing team. The 2019 Datathon was designed to to participants to create innovative analytics, AI, big data, or mobile applications using MicroStrategy 2019™ and aggregated data from CharityBase, a free, open-source charity data portal with public information on the activities, locations, and finances of thousands of charities registered in England and Wales.

Individual participants and teams with as many as five people competed and leveraged any of the following platform components to build their own custom applications: Rest APIs, Visualization SDK, Data Connector SDK, mobile applications, transaction services, predictive models, real-time visualizations, MicroStrategy Badge™, Dossier™, Workstation, and more. Competitors could also use third-party applications that integrate with MicroStrategy and prepare and develop the necessary code and APIs prior to the event, as long as the finished solution was built on top of the MicroStrategy environment and the CharityBase data set.

So Who Won?

The 2019 Datathon winners were a team from Cognizant, whose unified charity portal solution drew from a wide variety of technologies including MicroStrategy Dossiers, chatbots, geospatial services, VitaraCharts visualizations, and Cards (if you haven’t seen these, check them out). Outside of MicroStrategy’s repository of functions, they also used Qlik Sense to develop a dashboard that drew its data from MicroStrategy’s Enterprise Semantic Graph, as well as a contest required dataset from CharityBase stored within a Snowflake environment.

The winning team, known as the “IntelliCrew”, presented a comprehensive portal solution interface that contained intuitive and easy-to-consume dossiers and transaction services forms that could be accessed and used on both MicroStrategy’s Web and Mobile interfaces. The portal’s goal was to provide service and information for three common user groups: charity organizations, volunteers, and donors.

Once a user selects a persona on the landing page of the app, they can execute various tasks or analyses based on their user profile. A charity could see a summary of high level KPIs and details, and perform peer-to-peer comparisons of multiple foundations. A volunteer could perhaps register to work with a certain charity organization.

A donor could donate right away to a cause they’re passionate about using forms powered by transaction services—and Cards help donors find charity information quickly by displaying organization KPIs.

IntelliCrew’s motivator was to directly connect charity organizations and social causes with the people that are passionate about solving major social issues, as well as to provide organizations with the means to effect change on a single, pervasive, modern platform. IntelliCrew did indeed meet the criterion of the competition by creating a solution that could produce a great deal of social good and simplify a user’s experience, while also delivering intelligence everywhere.

Winning both Pride and Prize

In addition to winning the grand prize of $10,000 (don’t forget to enter next year for your chance to win), team IntelliCrew expressed a well-deserved sense of pride in their final product. Team captain Manish Gupta expressed how his team’s enthusiasm in using data for good, as well as their creativity, played a huge role in producing this solution in just two days:

The Datathon competition held during MicroStrategy World 2019 was an amazing opportunity to learn and experience a plethora of new ideas and numerous innovations. It’s amazing to witness teams with vast experience and skills come together to challenge themselves and build solutions from scratch.

“I would like to recognize my Cognizant team’s extraordinary efforts. From analyzing the problem, to attempting multiple iterations, to finalizing the idea, splitting teams to implement various features, to finalizing the presentations, everyone in the team stretched themselves and brought out their creative and innovative sides to achieve the winning solution.

“MicroStrategy did a great job hosting this competition and challenging the users to showcase their talent in front of the data and analytics world. I am excited and looking forward to another challenge next year in Orlando!” said Gupta.

So look out 2020 participants—the reigning champion will be back.

Thanks again to all of the 2019 datathon participants. To see how you can use data for both business and for good, try out MicroStrategy Desktop for free today.

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