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Annual Wellness Exam for Your Mobile-first Strategy

Years ago, I spoke about the importance of developing a mobile strategy and preparing for the post-PC era. Since then, many companies have adopted a mobile strategy and now fall somewhere on the spectrum of maturity when it comes to supporting enterprise mobility across their organization. At the beginning of the year (or for that matter, anytime if it’s been awhile!), it’s a good idea to do a little self-reflection on where your organization stands with your mobile strategy and how you can optimize and refine it. This is true even for companies who believe they have adopted and continue to operate with a mobile-first mindset!

MicroStrategy recently collaborated with QuinStreet, Inc. to develop an eBook titled, Three Steps to Optimize Your Mobile Strategy. A high-level summary of the steps is below, but you can download a complimentary copy of the eBook for more detailed insights and actionable advice.

Step 1) Correct the Course of Your “Mobile-First” Journey: Even organizations with an imperative to enable mobile workforces struggle with the inertia of traditional fixed-client mentalities and the reality of existing desktop applications. Comparing the status quo against a lightweight but structured set of steps can help realign development efforts with their mobile intentions.

Step 2) Set Priorities for Your Mobility Initiative: One challenge to fostering success with a mobility initiative is that it can be difficult to know where to apply limited resources for maximum impact. Keeping a few broad but bounded goals as the focus of this effort can help give structure to the process as a whole.

Step 3) Fine-Tune Your Long-Term Mobile Strategy: Shifting priorities and emerging business requirements place challenges on even the most mature mobility initiatives. Future-proofing measures to monitor, maintain, and evolve the environment are vital to protecting long-term value and success.

Enterprise mobility apps should be iterative—regularly enhanced and updated; it’s natural that the strategy to support them should be iterative as well. So, use this eBook as a guide for your annual wellness exam to evaluate the health and maturity of your mobile strategy.

For another helpful reference, check out the Gartner Research note, Treat Mobile Apps as Products, Rather than Projects, to Maximize Their Value. To take a deeper look at how MicroStrategy helps companies transform mobile app development, check out:

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