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6 Key Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Ventana Research asserts that by 2021, only 50% of organizations will have transformed their business processes to be more intelligent and automated by embracing digital technology. With digital disruption impacting more and more of the biggest brands every year, no organization wants to find itself on the losing half of this near-future assertion.

Ventana CEO and Chief Research Officer Mark Smith notes in a recent webcast that one key to accelerating any business transformation is mobile technology—the smartphones, tablets, and wearables that can empower employees anywhere, any time with the applications and information they need to make better, faster decisions.

Given the increasing role that mobile devices are playing in daily life and the new ways these devices are being used, organizations should be thinking about how they can make these experiences work for them in empowering and engaging employees and transforming their business.

According to Smith, the six key trends organizations should be paying attention to when it comes to enterprise mobility are:

  1. Device proximity features that can provide environmental context and suggest where to take action based on location
  2. Gestures and camera-based input that now make it even easier and faster to engage with business applications
  3. Biometrics—from facial recognition to fingerprints—that enable significantly better device, data, and enterprise security
  4. High-quality device cameras that make it easier to capture, share, and use photos and videos within business processes
  5. Augmented reality (AR) that enables the use of the camera to digitally interpose virtual objects to enhance work experiences
  6. Speech recognition on mobile devices to make it simpler for users to access information and act quickly

According to Smith and Ventana Research, by 2021, 50% of organizations will expect natural language and conversational experience using chat and voice to be part of every business application.

To learn more about what’s next in mobile applications for the front office and why enterprise organizations need to take action now, watch Mark Smith’s thought leadership webcast on-demand. To learn more about MicroStrategy’s mobility offerings, click here.

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