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4 Ways Mobile Improves the Customer Experience

According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, customer experience is projected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. It’s clear why: companies who fail to provide an exceptional customer experience lose more than $300 billion to competitors yearly.

The key to improving customer experience is knowing your customers’ wants, needs, and pain points. But customer habits are always evolving, which means building a 360-degree view of your customers is not easy. Mobile is the key to keeping up.

Customers are increasingly using mobile to interact with brands in new ways, and mobile presents an opportunity for these brands to create a better customer experience across all channels, online or at a retail location.

Through mobile apps, companies can track customer preferences and purchases via digital ID badges and in-store beacons. Using this information, they can develop a clearer picture of their customer base, which in turn helps them design a better omnichannel customer experience. Here are four ways customer experience gets a boost when brands harness mobile technology:

Seamless Digital Access

Even the best mobile apps can be ruined by a disruptive login process that makes it hard to access information. We’ve all been there—that dreaded feeling when you’re prompted for a password, and you have no idea where to begin. With digital credentials, either standalone or embedded within a company’s mobile application, users can log into apps for their favorite brands by scanning their personal QR code or tapping an authentication button on their home screen. This provides the foundational trust needed to interact with the brand. It removes the burden of remembering unique passwords and also reduces the potential for password theft, as only the true user will have the tools needed to access their account.

Stronger Customer Loyalty Programs

Today’s loyalty programs reward customers not just for their purchases, but also for their social engagement with a brand. When a mobile application leverages customer identity, brands can gain deeper insights about shopper behavior and interactions, and use that information to build a better loyalty program. Using digital badges, companies can also interact with potential customers in a personalized way when they're inside or near a store, or when they log into the brand's website.

The right approach to mobile can also eliminate the need for customers to carry loyalty cards and provide a more secure way to identify each user. By analyzing the context of each customer interaction, organizations can deliver highly targeted offers and messages.

Better Customer Relationships

When customers walk into a store, sales associates don’t know anything about them until they initiate an interaction. However, when equipped with location-transmitting mobile apps, employees can be alerted when a loyal customer walks through the door, along with other pertinent information that the user has opted to share. With instant access to data on buying habits and preferences, employees can more effectively serve the needs of each individual customer – increasing sales and brand loyalty in the process.

Improved Call Center Response

Typically, when a customer contacts a call center with an issue, they must first answer a series of questions verifying their identity, which requires sharing anything from their social security number to their mother’s maiden name. Not only can this information be easily stolen, but the process of confirming it adds to the time it takes for a service representative to resolve an issue. Digital badges eliminate the need to jump through these hoops, by instead generating a one-time password that customers can use to easily identify themselves. The same security feature could also be used by the customer to verify that a caller is a legitimate representative of the company.

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