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The 2019 Triple Crown: No Horsing Around With Data

UPDATE: The 2019 Triple Crown event is nearly over. Country Horse took home the Kentucky Derby win and War of Will placed first in last month’s Preakness Stakes. Although there won’t be a 2019 Triple Crown winner, anticipation for this weekend’s Belmont Stakes, the last of the three races, is still high.

Check out the final Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes results as well as the 10 contenders for the upcoming Belmont Stakes (June 8th) in the Triple Crown Card. Take a look at our MicroStrategy Community page for further instructions on installing HyperIntelligence today.

Omaha Beach. Cutting Humor. Tax. You may have come across these words while scrolling through your Facebook feed, browsing ESPN, or even when looking to place a bet online.

They’re not referring to Normandy, or reminding you to submit your tax return. They’re actually a few of the 20 horses competing in the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Using data from the Kentucky Derby and Equibase Company LLC, we’ve created a MicroStrategy card of the 20 contenders in the Kentucky Derby so you’ll always be informed.

These cards are just one exciting feature of HyperIntelligence, a new addition to MicroStrategy Workstation that allows analysts to inject analytics and intelligence directly into every user's web browsing or mobile experience. This enterprise analytics tool works seamlessly across web-based content and through your mobile device to bring answers to you through relevant, context-based analytics.

You no longer have to log into an environment, find a report, and then locate relevant information. Whether it’s Outlook,, or your favorite websites, cards let you simply mouse over highlighted words or phrases to bring up contextual information. Each card presents predefined KPIs that put expert knowledge in the hands of users.

Before we delve into this card, here’s a little context on the race itself: The Kentucky Derby is one of three races that make up the coveted Triple Crown. It’s followed soon after by the Preakness Stakes in late May and the Belmont Stakes in early June. Only the horse that wins all three of these races can achieve the Triple Crown. Today, we have a leaderboard of 20 horses that have qualified for the highly-anticipated Kentucky Derby.

There are a number of predictions about the outcomes of this race. Omaha Beach is a highly-discussed contender as the winner of the Arkansas Derby and Rebel Stakes. But experts are also watching Bob Baffert-trained contenders Roadster, Game Winner, and Improbable. Or will the Japan-bred colt (the first to race in the Kentucky Derby) Master Fencer blow away the competition? You can make your own informed prediction with our Kentucky Derby card, easily accessed with our HyperIntelligence Chrome Extension.

Off to the Races

Want to try out this card yourself? Find MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence on the Google Chrome store and click “Add to Chrome.” This will automatically add the MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence plugin into your chrome browser. From there, you can turn on the ‘Horse Racing’ card on to view the various horses participating in the Kentucky Derby.

Once you’ve installed this card, you’ll find each contender’s picture, name, and current ranking on the official Kentucky Derby leaderboard. The ranking is determined by each horse’s total points (listed near the bottom of the card). Tacitus currently leads at 150 points with Omaha Beach close behind at 137.5 points.

If any horses have the same total points, their total non-restricted stakes earnings (listed as “earnings” below the ranking) is used as the tie-breaker. For example, Roadster and By My Standards both have 100 points. However, Roadster has $636,000 in earnings, placing it fifth, while By My Standards stands in sixth place with $600,000 in earnings.

To best help you understand the horse’s background and training, we’ve included each contender’s owner, breeder, and trainer. Finally, if you’re looking to place a bet on this race, you can reference the Kentucky Derby Odds which we pulled from Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook’s latest update.

Trainer Wins % is the percent of total races that the contender’s trainer has won in 2019 so far. Similarly, Horse Wins % is the percent of races that the contender has won in 2019. Finally, the bottom of the card shows how the contender placed in the last one or two races that it participated in.

What are you waiting for? Grab your crisp Mint Julep and get your Kentucky Derby cards. (But don’t wait too long to download this card, because it’s only available for three weeks.)

If you’re interested in learning more about HyperIntelligence and all the other breakthroughs in MicroStrategy 2019, check out our webcast, Introducing MicroStrategy 2019.

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