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The 2019 Major League Baseball Season: What the Data Tells Us

With the 2019 Major League Baseball Season now in full swing, so are the debates over what team is the best in baseball. And while this season’s leader is important, it’s always good to arm yourself with a little franchise history as well. The Chicago MicroStrategy Team has created a dossier to show your favorite team’s stats and performance over the last 10 seasons.

First, we started by gathering game logs, or game-by-game statistics and data, from Next, we utilized the Cloud ETL tool Paxata to transform that data into the format we needed, then uploaded it to our Cloud Data Warehouse, Snowflake.

Finally, we spun up a cloud environment with MicroStrategy on AWS and created a live connection to our Snowflake database. The finished product delivers overall team statistics, like number of wins by stadium, total payroll, and cost per win, as well as both offensive and pitching statistics. Here are some fun facts that we found.

Over the last ten years, the New York Yankees have lead the way with 818 wins and a .561 winning percentage (just five more wins than the second place Los Angeles Dodgers). The Marlins, on the other hand, are currently last in the league with 498 wins and a .440 winning percentage.

A big story in 2018 was how well the Oakland Athletics did with such a small payroll. The A's had a $68 million payroll in 2018 with 97 wins, giving them the lowest cost per win in the majors at a hair over $700k per win. Over the last 10 years, the Athletics still lead the league at just over $800k per win, although it hasn’t led to any world series titles. The highest cost per win? The New York Yankees at $2.1 million per win, but also a World Series Title in 2009, and the most wins in that span.

In 2018, the Boston Red Sox were the most offensively efficient team, leading them to a World Series title. The Red Sox were first in the league in both batting average (.268) and runs scored per game (5.4). The Marlins had the worst runs/game (3.7), and surprisingly, the Phillies had the worst batting average (.234).

While Coors Field in Colorado is known for being a hitter’s paradise, Yankee Stadium actually surrendered the most home runs this year, giving up 235 homers. Not surprisingly, the Yankees also lead the league in home runs with 267.

Blake Snell led the way with 21 wins in 2018 for the Tampa Bay Rays, followed by Cleveland’s Corey Kluber and The Yankees’ Luis Severino. However, the best pitching team in baseball was far and away the Houston Astros. They lead the league in both strikeouts/game (10.41) and ERA (3.11), which attributed to a 103 win season, second to only the Boston Red Sox.

Make sure to keep checking back in with the dossier for updates as the season goes on, as we will be updating the stats with 2019 season data. And if your fantasy baseball team is struggling this year, stay tuned for our player-level stats update, where we will be analyzing player statistics by game to help you turn your fantasy season around.

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