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Test Your Data Viz Skills: Are You the Next DossBoss?

MicroStrategy is excited to introduce DossBoss, our first monthly visualization challenge. After a soft release of the challenge on July 31, we exceeded the number of expected submissions by nearly 700%!

MicroStrategy enthusiasts around the globe have submitted sophisticated, creative visualizations since the challenge launch. To join this growing community of data enthusiasts, start working with the MicroStrategy platform and our innovative datasets.

What is DossBoss?

DossBoss provides the perfect framework for mastering the art of creating visualizations in MicroStrategy Dossiers. You can develop dossiers on our free Desktop tool. Every month, our DossBoss committee curates a dataset and releases it on the DossBoss website for easy access.

Download the dataset, explore it, create a dossier, and submit it on the website by the indicated due date. Our team will carefully review each submission before choosing the winner, who will be featured (along with a few others) on the DossBoss website for inspiration.

Why Should I Participate?

We started DossBoss to give MicroStrategy users of all skill levels an outlet to sharpen their visualization prowess and learn from each other.

What Makes a Strong DossBoss Submission?

We review submissions based on:

  1. Use of Data: How well did you transform or wrangle the provided dataset to derive deeper insights?
  2. Desktop Utilization: How completely did you employ various Desktop features to create a story with the data?
  3. Creativity: How creative, both visually and analytically, was your submission? (Hint: think about color palettes, titles, and custom visualizations.)

Meet the First DossBoss

Check out this Q&A with our first DossBoss winner, Arnab Guha.

Q: Arnab, tell us about yourself.

A: I am a Business Intelligence Engineer with 10+ years of experience in data warehousing and data analytics. During all these years, I have had the opportunity to work on MicroStrategy in several industries like retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. At Cognizant, I work as a MicroStrategy Lead for a major retail client where I work with business partners from different departments to fulfill their data analytics needs.

Q: What advice do you have for users interested in Dossier?

A: Data is the driving force of all industries in today's world. And MicroStrategy Dossier is the perfect tool to get the meaning out of that data. When you are designing your own dossier, approach it with a story in your mind and make sure you have a flow to it. Choose the right chart which tells the story and remove the redundant/repetitive data. Choosing a correct color palette is also essential to your design. Use a single color to represent the same type of data and make sure there is sufficient contrast between different colors.

Q: What is your favorite way to learn about Dossiers?

A: My favorite way to learn about Dossier is to understand its framework first. This helps me to utilize the visualizations to their full potential. A hands-on approach is the best possible way to learn about the visualizations. I try to read about the visualizations, enrich myself with possible use cases, and finally see how that helps me to tell the story. Checking every feature/option of the visualization and seeing how that affects the end result is also very important.

Why Arnab is a DossBoss

Our first impression was this submission’s visual appeal. The consistent color scheme, generous spacing, and simple text are just a few of the features that make this visualization easy to digest.

Arnab extracts meaningful insights from the data, but presents it as a story with three chapters that logically break down the conclusions: Meteor Strike Count and Mass Analysis, Meteorite Type and Reclass, and Fell vs Found for different continents. We were especially impressed by how effectively Arnab used the latitude and longitude coordinates to develop two map visualizations and various analyses by country, hemisphere, and continent.

When is the Next DossBoss Challenge?

If you were inspired by Arnab’s submission, you can make your own during the September DossBoss Challenge: Weather You Like It or Not. We extracted sample climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to better understand temperature changes across the globe, as well as keep an eye on the endangered species list.

We’ve tweaked the dataset to make it a bit more interesting—we’re excited to see what visualizations the MicroStrategy community creates. Here’s a suggestion: is there a true correlation between temperature and the number of endangered species? We’ve included multiple geo-attributes that you might use to glean some insights. Extra points to those who supplement the provided data.

To get started, check out the DossBoss website for instructions and this month’s dataset. Download Desktop today, and take a look at the MicroStrategy Community page for inspiration and support. You can also subscribe to the MicroMinute newsletter for monthly updates from our Community!

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