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And the Winners of MicroStrategy World 2019 Dossier Contest Are...

Each year at MicroStrategy World, attendees compete in an annual contest that's quickly become a fan favorite. The World Dossier Contest is an opportunity for entrants to show off their data skills and create dossiers that can change the way organizations conduct business. MicroStrategy Dossier™ is a user-friendly way for consumers to access powerful analytics. They compile data from across an organization in intuitive, interactive applications structured as chapters and pages, making it easy for users to navigate reports and visualizations, share insights, and collaborate with colleagues.

This year’s World Dossier Contest submissions were evaluated on:

  • business value
  • information presentation
  • analytical workflow
  • creativity and design

The contest winners were announced during the second day keynote at World 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, and can be found on the World website. The all-star panel of judges was truly impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of this year’s submissions—so impressed, in fact, that they decided to name three runners-up instead of the usual two.

The Winning Dossiers

Our first-place winner is Manish Gupta, on behalf of Cognizant. Manish’s submission is an insurance analytics dashboard. Targeted to strategic leaders and management, the dossier provides a robust, flexible, and highly interactive reporting structure that enables the claims department to quickly identify opportunities and make informed decisions at an organizational level.

Manish blew the judges away with his inclusion of a built-in chatbot and use of predictive analytics to forecast claims and fraud. It certainly didn’t hurt that the dossier was beautifully executed, both in terms of overall design and choice of visualizations:

Jorge Jimenez, on behalf of InfoCepts, takes the runner-up award for his pharma sales analysis dossier for veterinary pharmaceuticals. The dossier enables product sales tracking targeted for the treatment of small animal species, and provides a holistic view across geography and product verticals. The judges were impressed by the overall business value of the dossier, in addition to its notable features like a microchart custom visualization and page-to-page linking buttons:

El Nabil Mernikh, on behalf of Société Générale, is also a runner-up. His dossier is used by the marketing team to visualize the customer journey and provide details on touchpoints at which customers are lost, and to track customer satisfaction. The dossier showcases the contest’s best use of the waffle chart visualization according to judges, while providing a simple yet powerful tool for the marketing department:

Raghava Radhakrishna submitted the third runner-up dossier on behalf of Lowe’s Services India Pvt Ltd. The dossier helps the Talent Acquisition Team better understand employee hiring and productivity, including reasons candidates declined or accepted their employment offer, and channels that recruited candidates to apply. The judges appreciated how the dossier was able to include many valuable visualizations while ensuring that the data and insights can still be easily consumed:

Congratulations to this year’s winners, and we’re already looking forward to next year. For more on MicroStrategy World, check out our 19 top takeaways here. To develop your own dossier, download MicroStrategy Desktop for free today.

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