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Igniting a New Era of Enterprise Analytics

Data talent is a huge focus for enterprises going into 2020. With the recent launch of MicroStrategy 2020, I want to outline how new developments in HyperIntelligence, which provides zero-click insights, will help those businesses democratize data throughout all tiers of their staff—improving productivity, driving confidence, and ultimately, profitability.

We are entering a decade where access to, and interpretation of, data will decide the winners and losers in the economy. Enterprises are responding to the challenge. 75% of large enterprises and 59% of smaller organizations (those with less than 1,000 staff) around the world plan to spend more on data talent going into 2020, according to MicroStrategy's 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report.

We know a lack of talent is a major barrier to more effective use of analytics, so MicroStrategy’s aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the enterprise to use data to make critical business decisions, regardless of their level of data literacy.

The Role of HyperIntelligence

The way to empower teams is through training and making sure analytics are contextual and readily accessible, so even the least tech-savvy people can inspect data and derive insights. MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence technology delivers actionable insights in the applications that employees use every day, allowing them to make smarter, stronger, and faster decisions.

Just by hovering their cursor over, for example, a customer's name in an email or in any web application, contact center staff can find the data they need to inform a decision there and then. Due to its simplicity, HyperIntelligence has proven to be extremely popular, becoming one of MicroStrategy's fastest-growing products in the company's 30-year history.

HyperIntelligence has been further enhanced with the launch of the latest MicroStrategy 2020 enterprise analytics platform with simplified design and performance enhancements to provide fast, contextual insights on iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones. (Read what's new in MicroStrategy 2020.)

This contextual access to critical information any time, anywhere, is a gamechanger for professionals who require instant access to data on the go.

Delivering trusted data governance and enhanced analytics

Trust in analytics is a key requirement to ensure 100% adoption of data-based decision making in the enterprise. Every company needs a single, trusted version of the truth that spans all data sources and provides a consistent, governed, and trusted data hub to all users, including data scientists, business analysts, and casual users. 

MicroStrategy addresses this key need with our Enterprise Semantic Graph, which combines all the data sources in the company in a single version of the truth, ensuring that end users see consistent and trusted analytics, whether they are creating a new predictive algorithm using RStudio, Jupyter, or Python, creating an immersive data visualization in a dossier, or making a split second decision with a HyperCard.     

With MicroStrategy 2020, data scientists can use Jupyter and RStudio to bring trusted, governed data from MicroStrategy into their predictive analytics projects using R and Python.  Major enhancements have also been applied to self-service visualizations in MicroStrategy 2020, including smart grid for complex data representation and free-form canvas, allowing the easy creation of visually compelling and rich visualizations. 

MicroStrategy's goal is to provide the right tool for every level of data literacy in the enterprise while ensuring trust and governance of key data assets. The MicroStrategy platform is also portable between major cloud vendors and on premises, allowing enterprises to make the most effective decision for the deployment of their analytics platform.

MicroStrategy’s research finds that 64% of organizations see improved efficiency and productivity through their analytics use, and 56% enjoy faster, more effective decision making. By providing innovative data experiences like HyperIntelligence, these efficiency and productivity gains can be enjoyed by 100% of the workforce in the enterprise.

To learn more about MicroStrategy 2020 and how HyperIntelligence could help you with your future data plans, watch the Introducing MicroStrategy 2020 webcast.

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