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MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1

MicroStrategy 2020 is a leading platform for enterprise analytics that delivers modern, consumer-grade experiences for every role through an open architecture that's designed to scale. The latest release, Update 1, introduces a wide range of innovations and enhancements across the platform.



Federated Analytics



Zero-click Answers. One-click Actions.

QR and Barcode Scanner for HyperMobile

HyperMobile now includes an in-app QR and barcode scanner on both iOS and Android devices. The scanner makes it fast and easy for end users to access cards on topics like products or parts, and opens up a wide range of use cases for frontline employees in industries including retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

Administrator-Controlled Whitelisting for HyperIntelligence

HyperIntelligence now supports whitelisting at the card level. This functionality gives administrators the ability to control the websites and applications on which a user can see a specific card. Whitelabeling allows organizations to better meet data privacy and security policies with their HyperIntelligence deployments.

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Now grabbing HyperIntelligence Cards is as easy as scanning a QR.

Screenshot of the iPhone HyperIntelligence app displaying two different flexible card designs for the same data
Screenshot of the iPad HyperIntelligence app displaying two different flexible card designs for the same data

Customizable HyperIntelligence cards with flexible design templates.

Hyper laptop image

MicroStrategy interface within HyperIntelligence application.


Empower 100% of your workforce with the analytics and insights to run a better business.

Predictive mobile caching for MicroStrategy Library™

MicroStrategy Library™ proactively caches a dossier based on learned user behavior, making often-viewed dossiers run significantly faster on the user’s mobile device.

Native Integration with Zebra™ Devices

MicroStrategy Mobile now supports a native integration with Zebra barcode scanners on Android devices. That means organization can leverage their existing investments in Zebra devices to allow store employees to instantly check inventory, locate items, identify price variations, and track deliveries, all through a quick scan from their mobile device.

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MicroStrategy Mobile supports native Zebra™ support.

Federated Analytics

Powerful enhancements that allow analysts get even more from tools they love, on the platform they trust.

Dossier Integration with MicroStrategy for Office

The connector now allows users to bring data into Excel from visualizations within a dossier, in addition to their reports and cubes. Federated analytics supercharges Excel with access to trusted, enterprise data, so you can analyze your data with confidence.

New Certification for MicroStrategy for Power BI

The MicroStrategy Dataset Connector for Power BI is now certified by Microsoft. This connector allows users to fetch data from reports or cubes that reside in a MicroStrategy project and import them directly into Power BI Desktop.

Enhanced Connectors for Data Scientists

MicroStrategy for Jupyter and MicroStrategy for RStudio allow users to bring trusted, governed data from MicroStrategy directly into predictive analytics projects to build better models. The most recent update delivers a 2-5X improvement in data import speed as well as the ability to push data from R or Python data frames to update in-memory cubes within MicroStrategy.

Screenshot of the MicroStrategy interface within Power BI application.

MicroStrategy interface within Power BI application.

Screenshot of the MicroStrategy integration within Microsoft Office.

MicroStrategy integration within Microsoft Office.

Screenshot of the MicroStrategy for RStudio interface withing the app.

MicroStrategy interface within RStudio application.


Enhancements for both AWS and Azure deployments that increase parity and performance.

MicroStrategy Backup

Users of MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure can now seamlessly upgrade, clone, or backup their environments. This powerful capability allows administrators to perform rapid platform upgrades, implement easy disaster recovery solutions, and have more flexibility when moving between on-premise, AWS, and Azure environments.

Screenshot of the provisioning console within the MicroStrategy Cloud.

MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure provisioning console.

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What's New in MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 Guide

For full details on the above features and more, download and read the in-depth update guide.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The zero-click paradigm radically changes the types of applications we will build and the way everyone—from the C-suite to foremen on-site—will access information, accelerating decision-making at each moment.”
– Gilbane Building Company
“We recently upgraded to MicroStrategy 2019 and have been very impressed by some of the new products and features like Platform Analytics and Library. Overall, MicroStrategy 2019 is a significant upgrade in terms of everything from look-and-feel to speed and performance.”
– David Friedman, BI Manager, B&H Photo
“We’re excited to roll out HyperIntelligence and think that Cards on top of Salesforce will really help drive the adoption of intelligence among our salespeople.”
– Tap Air Portugal
“We are putting real-time insight in the palms of our users with MicroStrategy 2019. MicroStrategy 2019 clearly impacts the way we consume information in the decision-making process and supports our transformation towards an insight-driven organization, giving us a real competitive advantage.”
– Carl Lambert, VP & Chief Data Analytics Officer, The Cooperators Group Ltd.
“We built a card that included critical KPIs sourced from multiple databases and applications and had it in our users’ hands—all in under 30 minutes.”

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