Digital Credentials

A unified digital credential for access to the enterprise.

Screenshot of badge manager on ipad, showing the deployment of 3 badges to specific employees

MicroStrategy makes it easy for the Intelligent Enterprise to deploy digital credentials to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. MicroStrategy credentials sync with existing physical access control systems (PACS), logical systems, and user directories to streamline enterprise access and authentication as well as improve user productivity.

Make enterprise authentication quick and easy with mobile identity badges.

Ditch outdated methods of enterprise authentication! Plastic ID cards, passwords, and tokens are insecure, inconvenient, and don’t generate usable data that can allow organizations to spot security vulnerabilities and organizational inefficiencies. The Badge app solves this problem by delivering secure, mobile identity badges to users' smartphones. Multiple badges can be stored on a single device as part of a digital wallet—allowing a user's Badge application to reflect his/her various roles and access rights.

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Sales Digital Badge example
Employee Digital Badge example
Customer Card Digital Badge example

Modernize facilities access without overhauling existing infrastructure.

Badge is built to plug directly into a variety of existing enterprise PACS so organizations can quickly and cost-effectively modernize facilities access. Badge digital credential leverages GPS, Bluetooth, and biometric features to identify users and grant access to physical systems based on assigned privileges. Users can access facilities through a variety of convenient authentication methods including Bluetooth proximity, QR codes, and digital keys.

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Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app badge with executive credentials for unlocking a facility.
Screenshot showing an iPad mobile app with a map of facility locations and employees within those facilities.

Boost employee productivity with frictionless access to logical systems and applications.

Web and cloud applications are at the center of modern business. MicroStrategy Badge allows organizations to empower employees with secure access to any SAML-enabled application, website, VPN, or workstation. By putting MicroStrategy Badge on top of these systems, organizations can eliminate the need for passwords and generate valuable data to power your Enterprise Semantic Graph.

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Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app unlocking a computer for a user via bluetooth proximity.
Screenshot showing a user logging into an application on a laptop using the badge app QR code scan or push notification on their phone.

Deploy customized credentials that fit your organization's unique needs.

Badge credentials are highly flexible and can be molded to fit the needs of your business. Use a single product to deploy digital credentials with unique access privileges to every employee, vendor, and customer. Deploy Badge as a standalone mobile app, or leverage the Badge SDK to embed functionality within an existing, consumer-facing application.

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Employee Digital Badge
Customer Digital Badge
Executive Digital Badge

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