Powerful insights, delivered when and where you need them.

Cards are a brand-new object in MicroStrategy 2019 that power HyperIntelligence™. They consolidate a variety of enterprise data into bite-sized views of information that are injected directly into the websites, applications, and tools you already use. Whether you’re browsing a website, using a CRM system, or composing an email, cards bring contextual answers to you in the right moment.

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What’s in a card?

A card is a predefined collection of attributes and metrics that provides an at-a-glance summary of a specific topic on a web browser or mobile device. Organizations can roll out cards covering everything that makes their business tick—whether it’s people, places, things, concepts, products, or processes.

The answers you need, nothing more.

Cards can seamlessly combine data from 200+ enterprise data sources to present a consolidated view of a single topic. By bringing together data from multiple source systems, cards eliminate the need to switch between apps to find answers.


Tech Support Database

Dun and Bradstreet

Simple to build.

With predefined card templates and a simple drag-and-drop design interface, MicroStrategy Workstation makes building and deploying cards radically easy. Just choose your design template, quickly populate your card with the information you care about, and fine-tune your formatting—that’s all it takes.

A gateway to the enterprise

Adding links to your cards transforms them into interactive jumping off points for further exploration. Link to other websites, systems, or dashboards, and increase the value of your existing enterprise investments.

Web or mobile? Both

The same cards are available across both interfaces, enabling a build once, deploy anywhere development and consumption model.

Your data. Secured

Regardless of how you interact with cards, you can rest assured that your information is secure. Cards leverage access controls that are inherited from the underlying dataset to ensure that users only see data that corresponds to their unique permissions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The zero-click paradigm radically changes the types of applications we will build and the way everyone—from the C-suite to foremen on-site—will access information, accelerating decision-making at each moment.”
– Gilbane Building Company
“We’re excited to roll out HyperIntelligence and think that Cards on top of Salesforce will really help drive the adoption of intelligence among our salespeople.”
– Tap Air Portugal
“We built a card that included critical KPIs sourced from multiple databases and applications and had it in our users’ hands—all in under 30 minutes.”

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