Embedded Analytics

Easily modify and extend MicroStrategy’s analytical functionality to make better business decisions.

MicroStrategy Dashboard embedded into in a Salesforce application

MicroStrategy embedded analytics empowers Intelligent Enterprises with highly customized and powerful web and mobile reporting applications that match your organization’s brand. Easily embed sophisticated analytical functionality in existing applications, integrate into a custom product offering, or extend MicroStrategy with 3rd-party capabilities.

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Value Index for Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence in 2019

In its latest report, The Value Index for Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence in 2019, Ventana Research awarded MicroStrategy with the #1 ranking—ahead of 14 other industry vendors.

Extend the reach of analytics.

MicroStrategy provides the flexibility necessary to embed sophisticated analytics into portals or white-label web and mobile applications, integrate with modern technologies, and even publish governed data into other data discovery tools.

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The 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics

Benchmark your enterprise’s progress against peers, competitors, and the latest industry trends with this report.

Example of MicroStrategy Analytics embedded BI in a third-party dashboard application for financial stocks
Example of a map visualization embedded into a blog

Embed in Portals and Existing Applications

Directly embed the full suite of MicroStrategy functionality into any web application or portal. Publish dossiers or dashboards into white-labeled applications or other business apps including Salesforce, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP Netweaver, and more.

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Embedded Analytics with Chatbots

Simplify access to data-driven insights by integrating with chatbots and other digital assistants.

Modernize Analytics Apps

Drive the adoption of analytics by allowing more users to find insights using natural language queries, voice commands, and popular technologies like Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other chatbots. APIs make it easy to connect and train these services to publish data in an extremely accessible way.

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MicroStrategy Dataset Connector

See how MicroStrategy lets you pull trusted, certified data into dashboards built with Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI.

Bring Governance to Other BI Tools

MicroStrategy offers pre-configured connectors that allow your users to visualize and interact with trusted datasets through other BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, and PowerBI. In addition to web and desktop interfaces, MicroStrategy promotes governed self service leveraging your current investments.

Customize every aspect of your apps.

MicroStrategy provides a robust set of APIs that allows you to construct custom visualizations and connectors. Additionally, you can white label and rebrand web and mobile apps to match your brand.

Build custom charts and connectors

MicroStrategy supports the unique needs of every business by allowing you to build custom charts and graphs using popular open-source libraries like D3 and Google Charts so you can access all of your proprietary data assets.

Create white-label applications

MicroStrategy delivers code-free tools that let organizations create dashboard applications that match any corporate brand. Include your logo, color themes, and branding with custom URLs, and maintain complete control over the end user experience.

Customize mobile apps

Incorporate custom app icons, splash screens, and login menus. Design workflows that match your corporate brand and business need. Publish to public or internal app stores in order to produce value-added services on every device.

Create custom app using MicroStrategy SDK.

Customize icon, splash screen, login, configuration and more.

Publish to public or internal app stores.

Deliver new products and services.

The MicroStrategy SDK also allows organizations to produce unique offerings and services by providing customers with custom-branded mobile apps. These apps empower B2B and B2C organizations to deliver analytical functionality and value-added services to partners and clients. Every workflow within these apps can be designed to match your corporate branding.

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Daily IQ app powered by CommBiz

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses the MicroStrategy platform for their Daily IQ app.

Leverage hundreds of APIs

Easily extend and embed analytical functionality into other applications and workflows. White-label applications that plug directly into your existing security model, in order to deliver personalized analytics that can scale.

Automate routine tasks

MicroStrategy’s RESTful APIs allow you to automate frequent tasks. With scheduling capabilities, it’s easy to update information, assign security permissions, without having to access multiple tools or interfaces.

Adapt and scale to your needs

MicroStrategy is designed to deliver scalable solutions whether you want to engage your users with self service or branded dashboards. MicroStrategy integrates with your existing security framework to deliver trusted analytics to your users with complete customization.

Customer Success with Embedded Analytics

Watch the video Thumbnail for Vibes performance management customer success video
Customer Success Story

Performance Management Solution with Vibes

See how Mobile Engagement Provider Vibes embeds MicroStrategy to help companies increase return on marketing.

Watch the video Omega World Travel Omegalytics app video thumbnail
Customer success story

Data Analytics with Omega World Travel

See how Omega used the MicroStrategy platform to build its cutting-edge analytics solution called Omegalytics.

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2017 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

Learn why MicroStrategy was named a Leader in the new report.

Watch the webcast Thumbnail for Allscripts healthcare customer success webcast video
On-demand Webcast

Allscripts: Using Clinical Analytics to Enable Smarter Care

See how Allscripts uses MicroStrategy embedded analytics to power data-driven products that enable smarter care for clients/patients.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.