Personalization and Collaboration

Personalized analytics for smarter work.

MicroStrategy delivers powerful collaboration and distribution capabilities that boost analytics adoption in teams, departments, and organizations, while providing intuitive tools to promote a data-driven culture. With built-in interactive discussion threads, real-time alerts, notifications, and easily shared, personalized views, it’s easier than ever for users to stay up-to-date on their business and use data to drive better conversations.

Increase productivity with collaboration.

Users can ask questions, highlight trends, or call attention to specific data points by commenting directly within the dossier interface. They can also send notifications to colleagues by tagging them in discussion threads and share direct links to a “personalized view” of a dossier, including their current filter settings, to provide additional context.

MicroStrategy Dossier combines powerful data discovery with intuitive tools for collaboration.

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Deliver real-time alerts to any device

Alerting is a powerful capability that allows organizations to deliver in-app, browser, and mobile notifications to users, in real time, so they’re always up-to-date on key metrics. Alerts can reach users in a variety of interfaces, from emails, to browser banners, to page and Library alerts. Android and iOS mobile devices can receive alerts and notifications via native push notification functionality.

Work smarter with built-in collaboration tools

The collaboration features within MicroStrategy Dossier and MicroStrategy Library lets users interact directly within the interface. Users can ask questions, highlight trends, or call attention to specific data points by using a familiar comments panel. They can tag colleagues in discussion threads and share direct links via email, chat, or direct invite to a “personalized view” of a dossier that includes their current filter settings to provide additional context.

Share personal views of dossiers.

By applying several filters to slice and dice the data on a page, users can alter a page from its original state and share that view with other users for added context. Find answers faster with your team: embed your current filter criteria on a dossier, contextually share information, immediately address any answer, and make data actionable.

Notifications on any device

In-app, browser, and mobile push notifications empower users on any device and ensure that no update is missed. Real-time notifications across all interfaces let web users receive emails, browser banners, and page and library alerts. Both Android and iOS mobile devices can receive alerts and notifications through a native push notification.

Protect sensitive projects with governed collaboration

MicroStrategy Dossier offers out-of-the-box security roles that empower users to manage who can view and collaborate on a dossier or document. Users can also limit or customize the data other people can see when accessing a dossier or dataset.

Deliver personalized reports to thousands.

Schedule and automate the delivery of personalized documents, reports, and dossiers to thousands of users across your Intelligent Enterprise. MicroStrategy makes it easy to deliver personalized views of enterprise data to every user without overloading the IT department. By leveraging user preferences and security roles, a single report can be distributed across the entire organization, and users only see the data that's relevant to them.

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