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Expert.Now instantly connects you via video chat with our global team of experts. Whether you’re building reports and dossiers, designing HyperIntelligence® cards and mobile applications, integrating new data sources and users, upgrading your platform to MicroStrategy 2020 and the cloud, or just need general support, our dedicated analysts, architects, developers, and data scientists are standing by to help you succeed.

Get Expert.Now through our premier education offering, the Architect Pass—an annual subscription that includes access to our entire catalog of on-demand and instructor-led courses.

Now Available with the Architect Pass:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Expert.Now?

To register, click on any [Expert.Now] button on or in MicroStrategy Community. Create an account with a corporate email and password to get access to Expert.Now services as part of a 30-day trial to our premier education offering, the Architect Pass.

The Architect Pass provides access to our entire catalog of courseware for analysts, administrators, developers, and data scientists—giving you the tools you need to build high-quality content as well as create stronger, more secure environments.

What if I already have an Architect Pass?

Existing Architect Pass holders do not need to sign up for the 30-day trial—they already have access to Expert.Now for the duration of their passes.

Is there an obligation to purchase an Architect Pass if I sign up for the trial? Will I receive an invoice?

No. After 30 days, your trial Architect Pass will expire along with access to Expert.Now. You will not be invoiced for the service if you choose not to convert your trial into a one-year Architect Pass.

Is Expert.Now part of my support agreement?

Support Liaisons are eligible to use Expert.Now if they are also Architect Pass holders. As of July 1, 2020, customers with Extended, Premier, and Elite support will be granted a fixed number of annual Architect Passes that can be assigned to personnel.

Will my employer be notified that I signed up for Expert.Now?

No. The service only requires that users register with their corporate email so that we can better serve our customers.

Does Expert.Now require Zoom?

Expert.Now video sessions utilize Zoom, but users do not need to hold their own Zoom accounts.

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