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Hilton achieves one version of the truth across all its global brands and properties

Hilton is composed of 13 brands that represent over 4,000 properties in 93 countries around the world.  When you’re a large global company built up through numerous acquisitions, it becomes a challenge to establish one single view of aggregated corporate performance.   Similar companies accomplish this only through lots of tedious manual work. When working with various sets of data or KPIs throughout the company, it’s difficult to know whether the official corporate numbers are reliable, or even accurate. 

Not at Hilton.  By building one data warehouse and running MicroStrategy on top of it, Hilton has automated the ability to monitor the performance of their entire enterprise with one consistent view.  But it doesn’t end there.  They can start at the very top and then drill down to any individual property.  Their MicroStrategy applications are used by top executives, property managers, and all levels in between.  And Hilton’s CFO and CIO can always rest easily, knowing that all users are looking at the same set of corporate sanctioned data.

Users can tap into various pre-built dashboards or they can perform visual data discovery to explore their own hypotheses on more poorly understood relationships.  Plus, users can access all this data anywhere they are—which is critical for a global hospitality company.  MicroStrategy’s #1-ranked mobile capabilities enable cutting edge functionality and usability.

Hear Hilton describe it themselves…

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