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Are You Prepared for the Future of Analytics? The adidas Group is…

Let’s face it – analytics are a sizable investment for companies.  To be a responsible and intelligent use of shareholders’ capital, analytics solutions should be optimized for your company’s analytical growth and should evolve with your organization as the analytics practice increases in sophistication and users demand more functionality.  It’s like buying new clothes for a growing child: you buy products with some room for growth, as opposed to products that just fit perfectly now.  And this doesn’t just apply to small, rapidly growing companies. This is also true for larger, more mature companies and organizations as well.

So what does this mean in practice?  It means using a platform that will accommodate a growing user base in terms of performance as well as functionality.  It also means going with a vendor that’s always innovating and introducing enhanced functionality that cutting-edge users require, like advanced mobile capabilities, Hadoop, and other Big Data functionality. By selecting a comprehensive analytics platform that is fully governable, yet flexible for end users, businesses get the most value from their data today while setting themselves up for analytic success in the future. 

And then of course, you need a platform that is fast…and always fast.  Long wait times translate to low adoption.  So ensure the platform you invest in can perform fast at any scale and provide your users with seamless analytics.

But don’t take my word for it.  Learn how the adidas Group gave themselves room to grow and built their high-performance analytics environment with MicroStrategy. Check out the video below to see how real-time big data analytics, mobile and self-service data discovery is helping adidas get closer to their customers:

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