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When It Comes to Innovation, Why Limit Yourself?

We’re big believers in doing everything possible to support innovation. We also know that innovation happens best when you have unrestricted access to the tools and data you need. That’s why we did something that we’ve never done before with the release of MicroStrategy 10.7. We built a new Data Connector SDK that lets you create custom connectors and tap into almost any data source—even if it’s not natively supported by the MicroStrategy platform.

It’s all in the name of openness and extending innovation in data analytics to whatever unique solutions your team may need. Bottom line: we know many of our customers have other technology investments, and we want them to be able to use those with alongside the MicroStrategy platform.

With MicroStrategy 10.7, you can build data connector to work seamlessly with Eloqua, Amazon S3, One Drive, or any other number of data sources, with the same level of security you’d have if you were using just one of those services.

Tapping into more data sources and having all of that data in one place means:

  • Greater collaboration across teams that may be using different cloud platforms and applications
  • Improved data governance. Standardization is one of the biggest roadblocks to governance, but when all of your cloud platforms are connected, you can get a more holistic view of your company’s data—no matter where it lives
  • You’ll also likely start to uncover hidden relationships in your company’s data by combining information from different departments across the organization

So go ahead, play around with the new Data Connector SDK and experience all the possibilities at your fingertips. And once you have, let us know what you were able to do in the comments below!

Want to learn more about MicroStrategy 10.7? Check out our upcoming webcast, "What’s new in MicroStrategy 10.7" or read our press release

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