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When Business Intelligence is Better Together

Our MicroStrategy Community just reached a milestone of 60,000 unique visitors--and of course, we're still counting!

Our community is ample with discussions (just over 3,100 posts to be exact), surrounding the questions and solutions of our BI solutions. Yet, we hope it will become so much more. Community is all about the people in it and the stories they carry with them. It's these stories in between the questions and solutions that bring people closer, and how we can surprisingly forge more connections than we could have imagined when first signing up. 

It's these very thoughts that shaped the creation and recent launch of our "Get Connected" challenge. Here we hope to encourage users to become “MicroStrategists” and share more about who they are, where they come from, and any cool projects they have worked on or are incredibly proud of, and tagging other people they would like to hear from. We want to instill a culture of community and it all begins by getting connected. 

Come visit us at the community and better yet, join the community. Consider this a personal invitation. Our team and especially myself would love to see you there and to continue sharing as some have done. We're eager to create together and make something good happen each day.

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