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VitaraChart’s PLAY LIVE Gallery Brings Exciting New Visualization Possibilities to MicroStrategy

We're happy to announce that our partner, VitaraCharts, just launched their brand-new visualization gallery, PLAY LIVE. The interactive gallery features 20 new visualizations and dashboard integrations developed specifically for the MicroStrategy platform.

Partners like VitaraCharts are incredibly valuable to the MicroStrategy community. By developing custom, visualization plugins, they help MicroStrategy users take analytics to the next level. These visualizations help people uncover hidden insights and tell better stories with their data.

With VitaraCharts, users can animate dashboards with the dynamic “Play” feature, deploy advanced visualizations like Waffle Charts or Trellis Charts, and dive into serious analytics with the expanded Hierarchical Vitara Grid feature (note that environments must be on MicroStrategy 10.2 or higher for these plugins to work).


Get started today by visiting VitaraChart's PLAY LIVE Gallery. Be sure to let us know what you think about the new visualizations in the comments!

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