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MicroStrategy 9.4.1 Update 3: New Features for Your Enterprise Apps

Customers turn to MicroStrategy for the best mobile features available, and our latest update proves once again why our Mobile App Development platform leads the market. MicroStrategy recently released its 9.4.1 Update 3, offering amazing new features for every enterprise app.

When Apple introduced iOS 7 in late 2013, it revealed a new, flat and simplistic operating system. To provide our customers with the best mobile user experience, the MicroStrategy Mobile App has been optimized to deliver a seamless iOS7 experience, providing users with a more efficient design. Enhancements range from folder browsing and data visualizations to prompting and transactional inputs.

Take a look at the new features and enhancements we offer:

Background App Refresh allows users to build apps that fetch information and data in the background using the iOS background data refresh capability. This feature was previously available exclusively for Newsstand apps and is now available within the every app built using MicroStrategy.

Advanced Clustering (Mapping) is a new visualization that groups data points on a map, making location analysis more intuitive and insightful.

Concurrent Multimedia Download enables users to concurrently download multiple files via multimedia widget or external folders.

Hierarchy Prompt Support allows users to browse through hierarchies, make multiple selections at multiple levels, and slice and dice data.

Reset Application —accessed via the iPad settings menu — allows users to reconfigure the app to point to any project including the SDK baked-in config, app store or anything else.

In addition, there are also various enhancements to existing features including:

The Calendar Widget now has a slick new iOS7 redesign. Use the calendar as a selector to start further analysis and workflows.

Transaction Input Controls have a new iOS 7 redesign. From the simple stepper to the signature widget, clean and elegant transactional input controls make for a compelling and delightful user experience in your transactional apps.   

Arm yourself with the latest MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad app from the iTunes app store and see the new features for yourself! If you are interested in learning more, download the Platform Approach to Mobile Apps iBook here.

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