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Meet the Team: Jatin Maniar, Senior Director, Product Marketing

The latest MicroStrategy team member to participate in our “Meet the Team” series is Jatin Maniar, Senior Director of Product Marketing. Jatin joined MicroStrategy in February, bringing 15 years of enterprise security experience and a passion for helping companies take security products to market. Read on to learn about Jatin’s thoughts on how Usher has become a differentiator in the BI landscape.

How has your role at MicroStrategy evolved so far?

I was brought on to run the product marketing team for Usher. My initial focus was understanding Usher’s core strengths and aligning Usher’s positioning to the broader MicroStrategy message. We are evolving from marketing Usher as a standalone product to positioning it as a natural extension of our analytics platform.

How does Usher help MicroStrategy stand out in the business intelligence industry?

It’s difficult to develop a sustainable differentiator in today’s business intelligence market, where everybody claims to have the best dashboards and data discovery features. Usher gives us an opportunity to build a lasting competitive advantage. While most BI vendors can help companies take their existing data and make sense of it, Usher actually creates user intelligence, something that’s nearly impossible for our competitors to replicate.

The way we do that is through generating and analyzing real-time telemetry data. Usher uses mobile badges to control access to facilities and enterprise applications, and automatically generates data on user interactions and asset utilization. This data can be incredibly valuable for an organization from an operations perspective. Say a company has 100 licenses for their CRM tool. Authentication data generated by Usher could quickly reveal that only 20 have been used in the past six months—meaning they could reduce their total number of licenses and significantly trim their operating expenses.

You have experience working at quite a few tech companies. How do those experiences compare to MicroStrategy?

I’ve spent most of my career working in Silicon Valley for companies big and small. In many ways, the culture of innovation there has been very similar to MicroStrategy–both are full of very sharp, very smart people. What I find really unique about MicroStrategy is its solid leadership. Our CEO is also the founder of the company, and he promotes his vision every day—that’s not the case at a lot of larger companies that have grown through acquisitions. Another thing that sets MicroStrategy apart is that it hasn’t outsourced its innovation to start-ups. It uses in-house technologies that create unification and integration across its entire portfolio of products and services.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the office?

I’m a product geek at heart, and I’m very passionate about technology and its societal impact. Most recently, I’ve been playing around with my own smartphone smart home application, and at some point, I want to learn Robotics and Raspberry Pi programming. Beyond that, I love to travel and I’m an aspiring coffee connoisseur. Every time I go to San Francisco, I make sure I have Philz coffee. Nothing beats Philz.

Interested in joining the team? Learn more about career opportunities here. And if you want to learn more about Usher, check out our virtual demo.

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