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News and Events Just Named MicroStrategy #1 In Employee Engagement

One of our core values at MicroStrategy is agility. We define agility as our relentless pursuit of product, process, and self-improvement. While product and process improvements are easy to see in the form of our products and services, what gets talked about less is the continual process of self-improvement that's required to build a great team. But thanks to the dedicated work of our Employee Development team and the vision of our CEO, MicroStrategy is now getting some much deserved credit for this area of focus. 

Companies craft learning and development initiatives for a variety of reasons. But regardless of whether they are driven by culture, performance, or skills gaps, these initiatives often fall flat from a lack of engagement. MicroStrategy is aggressively bucking that trend—and it seems to be working well. Recently, an online learning platform we use in our internal learning and development processes, identified MicroStrategy as their most engaged customer—something we’re very proud of.

To find out more about our learning program and our recipe for success, take a look at the feature story that the LinkedIn Learning Blog wrote about us.

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