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Introducing MicroStrategy 10.8

MicroStrategy 10.8 is now available! Our latest release delivers new features and capabilities that make powerful analytics easier to deploy across the enterprise, empowering end users to access intelligence everywhere.

Version 10.8 delivers new features across MicroStrategy Desktop™, MicroStrategy Web™, MicroStrategy Mobile™ and Usher™. It includes easier access to R Analytics, new nature-inspired color palettes for data visualizations, improved parity between Android and iOS Mobile apps, new OOTB dashboards with UsherPro, and more.

Coinciding with the release of MicroStrategy 10.8, we are also pleased to announce the general availability of MicroStrategy 10.4™ Hotfix 4. The fourth update to MicroStrategy’s 10.4 platform release includes substantive, customer-generated patches as well as fixes for internal defects identified during comprehensive stability and performance testing.

And here’s more good news: both MicroStrategy 10.8 and 10.4.4 are available on the AWS Marketplace. This means administrators can deploy the entire enterprise platform in less than 30 minutes, without having to download, install, or configure environments on their own.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the new features:

R analytics, Now Bundled with MicroStrategy Server

MicroStrategy 10.8 makes it easier than ever to get started with predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI applications because R is now bundled with the server installation out-of-the-box. The R Integration Pack is also included in the MicroStrategy platform installation, along with 199 R Packages for Windows and Linux.


Gallery for Custom Data Connectors

MicroStrategy lets organizations build custom connectors to tap into data sources not supported out of the box. The platform offers a set of APIs to build almost any data connector and an extensive SDK to support the Data Connector API. With 10.8, users now have access to a public gallery of custom data connectors on the MicroStrategy Community where partners and customers can upload connectors to share.


New Enhanced Color Palettes

MicroStrategy 10.8 provides a variety of new, out-of-the-box color palettes for dashboards on both MicroStrategy Web and Desktop. These color palettes are inspired by natural landscapes and give users a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetic appeal of their dashboards.


Improved Parity Between Android and iOS Mobile Apps

MicroStrategy 10.8 makes it easier for developers to design and deploy once, across both Android and iOS. For Android users, custom properties for D3 visualizations are now supported in Report Services Documents, giving app designers the flexibility to add different properties to attribute elements and metrics. Version 10.8 also lets designers configure apps to pass prompt answers from source to target documents without forcing users to make a selection—making it easier for end users to navigate documents, fast.

Usher Analytics: New Out-of-the-box Dashboard for Enterprise IoT

MicroStrategy 10.8 introduces a new out-of-the-box dashboard to visualize Usher badge-generated telemetry data through a set of KPI-driven grids. As users move through and interact with a corporate environment using their Usher badges, IoT data will flow into the dashboard sorted under categories such as Users, Historical Telemetry Log, Timesheet, Floors, Spaces, Beacons, Actions, Applications, Cities, and Devices. These grids can be used as a basis for creating custom visualizations.

For more details about the version 10.8 release, register for our upcoming live webcast "What's New in MicroStrategy 10.8," and check out the official announcement.

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