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Challenging the Status Quo in Analytics

We've always been a little different. When BusinessObjects, Cognos, and Hyperion sold to SAP, IBM, and Oracle, we stayed staunchly independent so that our customers have the freedom of choice. When everyone thought that mobility was just hype, we realized the potential of analytics in everyone's’ pockets. And now, as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik focus on the analyst, we insist that data should be available to everyone - not just the privileged few.

The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms recently came out, and it shows that we continue to forge our own path for the future of analytics. We are the only vendor in the Challengers quadrant. The only vendor that delivers on the promise of enterprise analytics for everyone, with data discovery for business users.  

We’re proud to have obtained the “highest product capabilities scores over any other vendor in this quadrant, across all use cases.” MicroStrategy delivers the broadest range of capabilities, for every user, and on every device.

We’ve spent the last three years completely reimagining our user experience and modernizing our platform to support machine learning, big data, and open APIs. We’re seeing great customer interest and adoption of our new generation of products including the free MicroStrategy Desktop which allows anyone to use MicroStrategy to quickly analyze their data and find insights within minutes. We also introduced the MicroStrategy Dossier - the next generation of dashboards - that makes it easier than ever to collaborate and tell stories using your data. We believe that these investments provide the foundation needed to help our customers build the Intelligent Enterprise of the future.

I wake up every morning and ask myself, “What can we do to deliver business-changing insights to every employee and partner?” (Gartner says that only about 30% of potential users are served by analytics today.) For 2018, we have some exciting plans. We’ll be using machine learning on top of our rich metadata to automatically recommend relevant information to users.

We’ll be using a combination of machine learning and open APIs to augment everyday applications with inline analytics so that users don’t even have go seek out the data - the data will come to them. We’re also adding Natural Language Query so that users can type in a few keywords, and we’ll automatically generate the visualizations and answers to their questions (which by the way, also works by speaking instead of typing). And all of this will be done at enterprise scale with governance so that all users are served, and are provided the right data they have the rights to access.

As the only vendor in the Challengers quadrant, we’re happy to be seen as unique and different.  We still fundamentally believe that having a single version of the truth is important, that security and governance is important, and enabling people to deliver highly desirable analytics applications to everyone in their organization is important. But we also believe that analytics should be easy to use, natural and get out of your way so you can do your job. We believe that our unique position in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms shows that today’s MicroStrategy platform continues to deliver for customers, while highlighting our breadth of capabilities across enterprise BI and modern data discovery.

This year’s Gartner MQ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report is out, and MicroStrategy is on the move. Download the complete report to learn more about Gartner’s evaluation of top analytics vendors.

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