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5 Reasons to Attend a MicroStrategy Symposium in Your City

There’s a reason our team travels around the world once a quarter, hosting single-day sessions packed with presentations, panels and workshops. In fact, there are several reasons. The Symposium Series coincides with each new MicroStrategy product release and gives local attendees a chance to see what’s new, share ideas and hear how others are using the platform. Here are five big reasons to attend your local Symposium Series.

Because Each User in Each City is Unique

MicroStrategy World—our annual conference—is a fantastic opportunity for customers, partners, and our own employees to take the stage and showcase what our technology can do, and the energy it brings is incredible. While MicroStrategy World welcomes more than 2,500 attendees each year, we wanted a way to bring the essence of all that goes into World into local markets, creating a more personal and intimate experience. So we packaged all of the key updates and insights from World into a single day, customizing the tracks and sessions to the unique needs of the local market. This allows us to connect with those attendees who can’t make it to our annual conference, and provide a more one-to-one environment and experience for all attendees.

Because We Never Want to Hear “I Didn’t Know You Did That”

Those may be the six worst words for any technology company to hear, and are a big motivating factor for the Symposium Series. The truth is, there are endless ways to use the MicroStrategy platform, and try as we might, we can’t convey all of them through our marketing and sales efforts. Our solution: boarding a plane to meet with our customers and talk face-to-face about what they want to achieve with data. Then together, we sit down and figure out how to make it happen.

Because Data Has a Different Purpose for Every Industry

Our customers range from healthcare and manufacturing to retail and banking, and while there may be overlaps in how each of these industries use our platform, there are also a lot of differences. That’s why we break each symposium into different tracks. We also host customer panels so attendees can learn from someone who’s currently using MicroStrategy and ask specific questions about the tools and strategies they use for success.

Because IT Teams Don’t Have the Same Needs as Business Teams

… and both need to be acknowledged. By hosting smaller regional events, we are able to better understand and cater to the needs of both our business and tech users. I always tell my team to “listen louder,” and the symposia lets us do just that. Each event has mutliple tracks, so you can plan a personalized agenda to get the most out of your time. We’re also big believers that technology should touch all parts of an organization. It’s our job to make sure each department across the enterprise has the best possible experience with our platform—and that simply wouldn’t be possible without hearing from both business and IT.

Because Collaboration is the Best Way to Get Things Done

Each symposium is a chance for customers and partners to spend a day with us interacting and engaging not only with our products, but also with their peers. Those are the conversations where ideas are shared, honest opinions are given, and roadblocks are overcome. To achieve stronger collaboration, each symposium has workshop sessions on topics like embedded analytics, enterprise data discovery, and mobile productivity apps, allowing participants to get hands-on with the technology and ask specific questions about areas where they need a little help or inspiration.

Want to see if the MicroStrategy Symposium is coming to your city? Check out our calendar of upcoming events.

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