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Summer Olympic Performance, Visualized Through the Years

The 2016 Olympic Games are officially here. Every four years, the world’s top athletes proudly wear their country’s colors and compete on the most elite of stages for a chance to bring home the gold.

The games also provide data enthusiasts the chance to dive into and analyze data on a variety of trends and historic results. Everyone wants to know who dominates the medal counts year in and year out, but we’ve gone a step further to help you understand how countries and their athletes have changed since the games began in Greece 120 years ago.

To mark the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, which begin tonight in Rio, we've compiled performance data from a variety of sources and developed an interactive dashboard using MicroStrategy 10 to help you analyze the following:

  • Past Performance - Which countries have topped the medal counts since the summer games started back in 1896? Try adjusting the filters for a visualization that tracks and maps which countries won the most medals at each games. Can you guess which year the United States brought home 231 medals, the highest ever by a US Olympic team?
  • Medal Breakdown by Year - Take a look at how your country has performed over the years. Have the gold medals increased or decreased?
  • Standing US Summer Olympic Records - Explore Olympic Records set at past Summer Games by United States athletes that still stand today. Will any of these be broken in Rio?
  • Gender Breakdown of Competitors - This tab explores the shifting percentage of male and female athletes who have competed in the games since 1896. Does anything stand out to you as the years have passed?

Good luck to all of the athletes in Rio! If you want to build your own interactive dashboards, you can get started today for free with MicroStrategy Desktop.

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