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Picking the Right Star for Your Brand

At our recent World Conference we showcased a data discovery and advanced anlaytics demo that analyzed world cup data to provide great business insights.

As information and data discovery tools become increasingly accessible, opportunities abound for you to follow your curiosity, ask and answer more interesting questions, and act on uncovered insights.  As more business users than ever are ready to take on data, it is important for organizations to be ready to integrate and leverage those efforts in a governed environment. 

At our recent MicroStrategy World conference we showcased how a business user can leverage self-service data discovery to get actionable insights.  In this case, we used 2014 FIFA World Cup data to demonstrate how a marketing analyst at a major sports brand can transform a fun world cup research project into an advanced analytical exercise to optimize sponsorship campaigns in less than 15 minutes. Watch the video below to get the full story and find out how we identified the up and coming soccer stars using data discovery and advanced analytics!

MicroStrategy’s self-service analytics allows business users to quickly begin analyzing data on their own and get the answers they need, when they need them. Find out more about self-service analytics here and download MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop for free to get started today!

To learn more about R Analytics in MicroStrategy, watch the webcast.

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