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3 Benefits of Empowering Data Visualization Users

The benefits of data visualization are becoming unmistakable. Access to data that’s visually compelling and interactive extends the impact of data analytics across the enterprise. And it uniquely empowers data visualization users to interact with the information in an individualized way that resonates across the enterprise.

With the capabilities of dashboards and data visualizations improving rapidly, it’s more important than ever that your team have the core knowledge needed to maximize its latest functionality. With the proper training, people of all skill levels can actively sort and rearrange data in visualizations, filter the data to focus on information that’s most interesting, and format it to highlight trends or anomalies specific to their work. In taking the data visualization reins, your team will start to see success in three key areas:

1. Identifying trends and acting accordingly: With data visualizations at their disposal, organizations have the potential to guide data-oriented operations in the most productive direction. In particular, with the ability to filter and layer data in their visualizations, enterprises can quickly identify patterns and trends, spot instances where restructuring is needed and make informed business decisions accordingly.

2. Accessing information and boosting efficiency: With interactive graphs, the information in front of users becomes intuitive. The time needed to understand company data can be significant without explicit representation and compelling visuals. But with a contextual view of each area of business, users have a better handle on the information at hand and can move more quickly from one project to the next.

3. Collaborating and improving outcomes: With dashboards that are designed to facilitate teamwork and collaboration, the impact of data visualizations is maximized. Allowing colleagues to comment and tag one another with questions or feedback makes the result more cohesive and impactful.

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