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What We Learned - 3 Takeaways from TDWI Chicago

Last week MicroStrategy attended the TDWI World Conference in Chicago, Illinois. As you might expect, there was a lot of buzz around topics such as Big Data, Analytics, and Visual Data Discovery. Tradeshows like TDWI are a great opportunity to put a finger on the pulse of the market and hear what people on the ground are saying about analytics. 

With that in mind, we decided to poll conference attendees.  We asked them about their biggest concerns in analytics, what they look for in an analytics solution, and how analytics is used on a day-to-day basis within their organization.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • Over 85% of respondents use analytics every single day
  • Only 21.4% of respondents stated that more than 50% of their employees use analytics to make strategic business decisions
  • The 3 most important things that people look for in an enterprise analytics solution are: Mobile Business Intelligence, Online Analytics, and Enterprise Dashboards
  • The number one concern about analytics among our survey respondents was a Slow and Expensive Deployment

So what do these results say about the state of the analytics industry? To me, there are a few key takeaways:

  • While analytics is beginning to gain widespread adoption in business, it is still not being used to its full potential as a tool for driving strategy and improving decision making—limiting its ultimate impact on the bottom line.
  • The buzz around Visual Data Discovery that has dominated discussion in the market is very real, but when asked, people still identify traditional BI capabilities as crucial to their organization’s needs.
  • Cloud BI is here to stay. Over half of our survey respondents identified a slow and expensive deployment as their biggest concern in analytics. This is the exact problem that Cloud BI deployments aim to solve. By providing BI as a cloud service, companies can significantly speed up the time to value for analytics deployments, drastically reduce CapEx costs, and lower TCO.

What does all this mean for your business? In order to get the most out of your analytics deployment, you need an analytics solution that is powerful and flexible enough to meet all of your organization’s needs.

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