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Top 4 Reasons Enterprise is Shifting to the Cloud

What started out as an intriguing innovation in business intelligence and data management quickly accelerated past novelty, splashing into the mainstream. Today, cloud is where top enterprises operate and it pushes their business ahead of the competition.

On-premise enterprise data warehousing is losing its practicality. The technological edge and pragmatic economics have moved IT from home base into the cloud.

This swift shift to the cloud is fueled by four unmatched advantages:

  • Maturing user community - over the past decade, data reporting has become more complex. Advanced analytics allow users to manipulate data in dramatic and effective ways. Consumers of business intelligence evolved from a few highly technical users within a company to a range of titles who expect access to information and can advance business with it.
  • New technology - technological advancements using the Cloud are matching modern data demands to the best possible platforms. This phenomenon is driving the adoption of Hybrid Data Ecosystems, innovative solutions to the drag of enterprise data warehouses.
  • Economics - streamlined data activity and accelerated analytics make the cloud cost effective and enterprises find that attractive. Lower capital costs associated with big data, cloud and analytics platforms are contributing to enterprise adoption.
  • Valuable data types - new technologies communicate fluidly with modern data demands. Until recently, the enterprise has primarily focused on structured information best leveraged by SQL and stored in relational databases. The task of analyzing high volume, high-velocity, and multi-structured information was often too complex and expensive for most companies. Cloud has changed that. It is now common to incorporate new and highly valuable data into analytic processes, providing great insights and predictive outcomes.

Lower capital and operational costs, faster implementation times, agile deployment and information delivery are all available with today’s leading solutions. Companies that are overly cautious about moving to the cloud are falling behind industry leaders and missing out on a competitive opportunity.

Cloud is the new norm. The available depth of data analytics and unparalleled innovation of the cloud are attracting leading decision makers. Smart companies know that to maximize the potential of big data, to save money and to solve critical corporate challenges, they must push past traditional data limits and cloud provides that vehicle.

To learn more about how cloud works and how it can be uniquely matched to your enterprise needs, download Cloud 2.0: Delivering Value to Enterprise. This white paper details the leap from on-site data warehousing to a cloud solution.  It explains how cloud adds value to enterprise and why industry leaders have adopted a “cloud first” mentality.  For answers to your specific questions about cloud solutions, contact MicroStrategy Cloud at

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