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Till Data Do Us Part.

This blog talks about the evolution of business analytics and the TDWI maturity model

A decade ago, if you walked up to any graduate from a top-tier business school and asked them about Business Intelligence or Analytics, they would likely reply with a half-constructed sentence with the word ‘data’ awkwardly thrown in there. Today, that once-obscure topic has evolved into something so pervasive and mainstream to businesses that it is no longer optional to remain competitive. Successful businesses across all industries are crediting their BI implementations as being the “game changer”. Educated guesswork simply doesn’t cut it anymore; businesses now rely on factual insights from data and measurable results. With access to analytics, organizations are able to offset costs, achieve operational efficiencies, transform how sales reps work to create newer opportunities faster, and much more.

The noise and hype around analytics is real, and it’s changing fast. Even as an insider, I’m amazed how far the BI paradigm has sailed in the last 10 years—and at a dizzying pace. From clunky to sleek, from elaborate queries to intuitive interfaces, from stationary desktops to tablets on the go, BI is becoming more pragmatic and user-friendly every day. BI is also being adopted by more than just those in the IT realm; business groups are diving into these tools for their everyday tasks, and widespread adoption of Self-Service Data Discovery options is accelerating. Information-driven apps on mobile devices are simplifying how BI can be accessed by consumers, and cloud options are making it easier to deploy and less expensive to maintain.

The question is, how mature is your BI implementation? And how do you ensure you’re doing it the best way? The TDWI Analytics Model and Benchmark Survey, in my opinion, is an honest tool that will help organizations with self-evaluation. I think it’s reliable because it objectively compares your analytics initiatives against others trying to achieve the same goals.

The TDWI method

Fig: Stages of maturity in the TDWI Analytics Maturity Model.

I’d recommend that you try it for yourself - take the assessment and see what you need to do to grow into the next stage of analytical maturity. I guarantee that you’re only going to be left asking for more.

Access TDWI Analytics Maturity Model Guide here.

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