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Spice Up Your #DataViz Life with D3 & #MSTR10

As organizations are looking to become data-driven, the use of visualizations becomes more evident and the way people visualize data is ever changing. The power to create your own visualizations outside the normal bar, line, pie graphs becomes even more invaluable to any organization. Thus, MicroStrategy has made it extremely easy for everybody to create their own custom visualizations and then bring them into the MicroStrategy environment for all your users to use.  Think about a platform that allows anybody to create any visualization they can widely imagine, and then have the ability to deliver that visualization to thousands of users across various devices. 

We understand that organizations are constantly looking for new ways to visualize data and we have made it a lot simpler for our Microstrategy 10 users. MicroStrategy’s new Visualization Builder allows any customer to be capable of creating a wide variety of custom visualizations. This builder allows users to develop HTML5 visualizations without leaving Microstrategy 10. The tool displays CSS and JavaScript code that you can edit and see the results live. If you wanted to get started today, you can check out our Developers Zone where we have abundant supporting resources, including sample code to help you get started in creating these visualizations.

Don’t have time to code? Not a problem!

The great thing about custom visualizations is that they are almost always open source, with 95% of the code already written for you. One custom visualization set we focus on heavily is the javascript library of D3 visualizations. If you go to their website, you can see many thousands of visualizations and if you were to select any visualization, you will be able to get the code to easily copy and paste into MicroStrategy Visualization Builder. Keep in mind there are still some minor code changes necessary to integrate with MicroStrategy, but the bulk of the code is already there and it makes it a lot quicker for developers to be able to create the exact visualization they envision. Because these are open source, you also have the freedom to change that code to customize to your exact specifications. You can make them match your branding, fit into unique dimensions, or overcome whatever distinctive obstacles your organization is facing. This functionality allows you to custom tailor your dashboards to ensure a seamless fit to the unique operations within your organization.

Don’t know how to code? That’s ok too!

We have tried to make it as simple as possible for end users to integrate D3 visualizations into Microstrategy, even those without any coding expertise. Those users can instead download a set of pre-built, pre-integrated D3 visualizations here, and hit the ground running. Once downloaded, they just need to be moved into Microstrategy, where they should start working instantly.

If you are curious to know more on customizing your visual analytics, or would like a live walk-through and demos of the processes outlined above, be sure to join the hundreds of others already signed up for this fun interactive webcast on August 19th hosted by yours truly!

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