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Recap: DBTA Top Trends in Analytics for 2015

On March 12th MicroStrategy detailed the eight most significant trends in analytics for the year during a sponsored webinar hosted by Database Trends and Applications. These trends are the result of an ever-evolving analytics landscape that demands fast, flexible, scalable, and secure enterprise analytics systems capable of supporting the “anytime, anywhere” needs of business users.

  1. Rising adoption of Self-Service Data Discovery Solutions
  2. Comprehensive Dashboard Applications for the Enterprise
  3. Anytime, Anywhere Access with Mobile Business Intelligence
  4. Intuitive and Rapid Big Data Analytics with High Performance
  5. Broader and Integrated use of Advanced Analytics
  6. Expansion of Rapid, Scalable, Secure Cloud Deployments
  7. Focus on Enterprise Security for Information
  8. Increased Automation in Application Development

Throughout the course of the webcast we collected feedback from the attendees to better understand which trends were most relevant to them. As you can see in the visualization below, trends #1, #4, #5, and #7 are the most notable in the list. This is likely due to the increased pressure for organizations of all statures to transform any data, regardless of size and format, into a competitive edge. In order for organizations to gain the competitive edge they seek, insights must be understandable, relevant, and rapidly deployed across the enterprise with a single version of the truth. However, only the most comprehensive enterprise platform can meet these standards.


Image 1: Which of the trends we discussed are you most interested in?

Digging deeper into attendee’s interest in self-service data discovery, the need for governance emerged very strongly. As you can see in Image 2, over a third of the respondents are currently looking at options to adopt a governance strategy in deploying self-service analytics. As point-solutions spread at the departmental level, organizations are faced with data sources they can’t trust, redundant efforts, and a variety of systems that don’t integrate with each other. A complete analytics platform enables departmental self-service within a governed environment that IT can monitor and certify, without creating isolated data silos.  


Image 2: What is your stance on implementing governance around your self-service analytics deployment?

Information security has been in the national spotlight recently and that issue resonated with the webcast audience. An overwhelming majority, almost 90%, reported that information security is currently a concern for their organization. In order to protect their information,  the most valuable corporate asset, organizations are looking for solutions that go beyond traditional, out-dated, security methods. The ideal analytics platform provides a robust information security solution that ensures data integrity, controlled access and much more.


Image 3: Is Information security a concern for your organization?

Ultimately, businesses that can keep up with the changing landscape of analytics are the ones that will gain the largest competitive edge from data. Find out more about the Top Trends in Analytics for 2015 by watching the webinar to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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