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R Integration and Data Discovery: What You Need to Know

On October 17th, we announced that our Desktop product is now completely free—allowing entirely new groups of users, including students and young professionals, the opportunity to get first-hand experience with business intelligence and data analytics.

While MicroStrategy delivers over 350 out-of-the-box data mining and statistical functions, we’ve also made it a priority to support third-party tools like R. One of the coolest features of MicroStrategy Desktop is access to the R Integration Pack. The R Integration Pack allows users to tap into the popular open-source statistical language and take their analysis to the next level by deploying sophisticated R analytics as standard MicroStrategy metrics that implement R scripts.

R is an open-source language and free for anyone to use—making it a popular choice in business and academia. Our integration with R helps us deliver on our promise to deliver a data discovery tool that enables people to take advantage of their existing skill sets within the MicroStrategy product. We want our users to have the option of leveraging native MicroStrategy algorithms or any other programming language—not just one or the other.

Our integration with R also has a huge impact on team efficiency. Since MicroStrategy treats R analytics as standard metrics, developers can independently create R models and then easily distribute them to other users across the organization. That means end users don’t have to touch the R development interface, they just need to drag and drop the R-based metric into their MicroStrategy report, dashboard, or visualization to take advantage of advanced statistical modeling.

Ultimately, the powerful combination of R and MicroStrategy can save organizations both time and money. Not every employee needs to be a data scientist, but by leveraging the skills of statistically-minded users within the organization, everyone can benefit from advanced analytics and the predictive power of statistical modelling.

Interested in learning more about leveraging advanced analytics in MicroStrategy? Check out our on-demand webcast on the topic.

Get started with MicroStrategy today for free by downloading Desktop.

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