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Enterprise Finds Adoption Options with Cloud BI

Early in its maturity, cloud was considered the blanket answer to most every challenge across the data management, business intelligence and analytics landscape.  Today, cloud has matured with more specific features to become an indispensable tool for running a smart enterprise.  Targeted cloud BI solutions have been developed to match specific corporate needs, making it faster to produce intuitive business insights. 

Cloud adoption by corporate leaders has also been evolving.  A recent report from Enterprise Management Associates, Cloud Business Intelligence and Data Management as a Service: A Global Survey on Adoption, Challenges and Outlook, studied the ways in which the relationship between enterprise and Cloud has emerged.

The study shows that 41 percent of respondents have implemented an Enterprise BI/DM system in a cloud computing environment and 28 percent have implemented within a department.  While prototyping and short-lived projects are less popular, at 18 percent and 13 percent respectively, they are an excellent example of cloud flexibility and agility.

Interestingly, there are significant differences in geographies.  Cloud computing for prototyping is more popular in Europe than in North America at 34% compared to 11%, respectively.  However, there are significantly more enterprise BI/DM systems implemented in the cloud in North America as compared to Europe, at 48% to 27%, respectively.

The variety of adoption practices reflects the diversity of cloud computing solutions. As leading enterprises come to understand the array of cloud BI solutions, they are making significant financial investments in cloud to ensure they create an environment for success. Their decisions are based on a range of factors, primarily purpose-built solutions, secure platforms and flexible deployment options. Cloud 2.0 is here, it has matured, and now leading enterprises are enjoying its fruits.

To learn more about how cloud adoption has changed the corporate landscape, download Cloud 2.0: Delivering Value to the Enterprise, an Enterprise Management Associates white paper prepared for MicroStrategy.  To find out how cloud BI has matured to better meet the demands of today’s business intelligence, please contact the MicroStrategy Cloud team at

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