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Enhanced Geospatial Analytics Boosts Data Discovery with MicroStrategy

Our latest release, MicroStrategy 10.11TM, features enhanced mapping capabilities for geospatial analytics thanks to a native integration with Mapbox, a leading location data platform for mobile and web applications. The new capabilities build on the recently launched data discovery feature set, with modern and intuitive workflows for data exploration, making MicroStrategy 10.11 the face for the next generation of enterprise analytics—especially as businesses lean on contextual and precise levels of data analysis to drive results.

With this latest update, businesses employing MicroStrategy can be certain they are building upon a rock solid intelligence platform that will constantly innovate to meet their needs. The update doubles the mapping functionalities of MicroStrategy’s core technology, offering advanced vector-based maps that are more fluid, faster performing, and flexible. New capabilities like enhanced clustering, dynamic layers, thresholds for attributes, new formatting options, and more will power location analytics on all MicroStrategy interfaces, including MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Workstation, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Mobile, and MicroStrategy Library.

Users can now plot polygons on a map for zip and postal codes for more than 150 countries, with the added ability to easily resolve conflicts with identical location names. Several new map styles (including basic, white, light, dark, street, topographic, physical, relief, satellite, and satellite street styles) offer the ability to visualize maps with an eclectic set of options. Users will also be able to enable and disable clustering with interactive menu options, display specified data layers at different zoom levels, and add color thresholds to metrics or dimensions to more easily and visually identify trends and outliers on map.

We’re excited to see how our customers use MicroStrategy 10.11 to incorporate location analytics on their journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. Learn more about What’s New in 10.11 here, watch the 10.11 webcast, or read the article MicroStrategy 10.11 ups the front-end ante on ZDNet. To take advantage of Geospatial Services, download MicroStrategy Desktop today.

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