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Cloud BI: Undisputed Value in an Evolving Landscape

As advances in big data analytics accelerate and enterprise comes to understand the best technology to meet these acceleration demands, Cloud has emerged as the tool of choice for leading institutions. The reason is in the Cloud value proposition: Cloud delivers value in both its technological capabilities and its savings on operational costs.

Research by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) bares this out.

A hefty 76 percent of respondents to EMA’s Cloud research, Cloud Business Intelligence and Data Management as a Service: A Global Survey on Adoption, Challenges and Outlook, indicate that Cloud computing has delivered measurable cost savings to their organizations, including:

  • 40 percent of respondents report significant up front capital cost reductions of 30 percent or greater when compared to traditionally deployed projects.
  • 23 percent report 30 percent or greater savings on ongoing operational costs.

Industry leaders understand the value of streamlining operations with Cloud technology. Its speed, agile deployment, keen insights and adaptability optimize enterprise potential. The savings in time and money frees corporate resources for use in advancing other initiatives.

Additionally, many informed companies find Cloud value from matching their unique needs to a combination of Cloud options, creating innovative Hybrid Models. This is common in early adoption cycles with public Cloud deployments. An infrastructure composed of two or more Clouds (private, community or public) can be a significant contributor to an overall reduction in the cost of analytics.

Today, it is no longer a question of moving to Cloud, but rather how best to adopt Cloud to enterprise needs. Cloud is the tool for delivering business insights and running smarter enterprise, and it is the reason that industry leaders now use a “think Cloud first” mentality.

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