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6 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

In 2015, IBM estimated that 2.5 quintillion new bytes of data were generated each day. As more devices and applications are put into the hands of an increasing number of users, organizations need a high-performance, secure, and cost-effective platform to properly manage their data. That’s where the cloud comes in as an ideal solution.

Here are six reasons why companies are starting to make the switch from on-premises data storage to the cloud:

Instant global presence

With the cloud, companies are no longer tethered to a physical location to store data. They can support customers all over the world – opening entirely new streams of revenue. Should a server go down, organizations can take comfort knowing that an alternate server is still up and running – ensuring that their data is always readily available.

High performance and reliability

Cloud infrastructure can be configured specifically to meet customer needs. Most cloud providers offer multi-tenant environments, but those that offer single-tenant cloud environments can deliver higher performance and improved security.

Instant deployment

Cloud services often come pre-configured. That means vendors can provision services immediately upon order, so anyone can build powerful applications and securely deliver them via web, mobile, or desktop. New users and projects can be added instantly, and this entire process runs without the need for complex IT infrastructure.

Elastic infrastructure

Companies need a platform that can easily scale up as they grow. The cloud provides this agility, so customers can add more users, storage, and features over time. The benefit of this flexibility is that companies only have to pay for what they need and use.

Better security

Data security is a priority for every company. That’s why cloud providers stay current with the latest industry standards and compliance certifications. Single-tenant cloud users benefit from an additional layer of security as there’s zero chance of their data being mixed in with another company's data or accessed by unauthorized users.

Low costs

Cloud eliminates capital expenses for infrastructure including servers and storage. Without physical storage, companies don’t have to worry about hardware becoming outdated, needing upgrades, or requiring repairs over time.

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