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5 Trends Driving the Analytics Market

Leading up to MicroStrategy World in Barcelona, Spain, my team took a look at the prevailing trends in the analytics market today. We identified five major trends that are driving analytics: self-service analytics, the mobilization of business, enterprise business intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud computing. We turned our findings into an infographic highlighting key statistics in each of these areas that illustrate their importance.

If you're wondering how we ended up choosing these five themes, here's a quick rundown of our thinking:

Self-Service Analytics

There's no denying that visual data discovery and self-service analytics are here to stay. There has been a tremendous amount of growth among this segment within the analytics market, and we have seen an increasing demand for these types of capabilities among our customers. This type of analytics is changing the way people interact with data and dramatically increases the number of business people who can take analytics into their own hands.

The Mobilization of Business

At this point, the mobile revolution is well in hand. However, we anticipate that 2014 could be the tipping point in widespread enterprise adoption of mobile business intelligence. Mobile devices are essential to how we consume information in our everyday lives, and we see no reason why the mobilization of information consumption will not also become pervasive in our business lives.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Despite the rise of visual data discovery as an analytics medium, we have seen continued strong demand for enterprise-grade business intelligence software. In the past, companies could achieve a competitive advantage simply by deploying enterprise software; however, it's not so simple anymore. In order for enterprise software to remain a key differentiator, it needs to enable businesses to transform their data into a resource that can be used to change the way they do business.

Big Data Analytics

The growth of data volume over the past decade has been astounding, yet the vast majority of it remains untapped by analytics. This explosive and sustained growth in data volume, coupled with massive spending on the software and systems needed to collect and analyze the data, is why we have pegged Big Data Analytics as one of the five trends moving the analytics market.

Cloud Computing

Like mobile, cloud is becoming a dominant force in the enterprise software market. For many organizations cloud computing represents the promise of less expensive deployments, quicker time to value for investments, and more pervasive access to software that can change the way organizations can interact with, analyze, and monetize their data.

Interested in learning more about these five dominant themes in analytics? Check out our infographic here!

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