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3 Ways to Empower Employees with Data

No company holds itself back from operating smoothly on purpose. Yet many teams continue to struggle with properly allocating time and resources. As organizations increasingly rely on technology to communicate effectively and make key business decisions, data analytics can help empower employees every day. Leveraging the power of data can be tremendously helpful in eliminating process roadblocks and ensuring everyone is operating with the highest possible efficiency. Here are three ways to make company data work in your favor and give employees the tools they need to thrive:

Unite teams around core company goals

As we mentioned previously on the blog, data governance ensures all teams are operating under a single version of the truth. Nothing can mislead well-intentioned employees quite like unverified data sources. What’s worse, without governance, employees have no way of knowing whether they can trust the data they’re using.

But with a governance model in place, the data starts working in everyone’s favor, fostering collaboration and ensuring IT and business teams — and everyone else across your company — are continually building and contributing to a long-term, holistic plan for the future of your business.

Ensure key decision makers always have access to the resources they need

Have you ever logged onto the Ticketmaster website to claim your seats for a sought-after concert, only to be faced with a long wait time, thanks to a sudden spike in traffic? You might not think so highly of the Ticketmaster website after that experience. Now, imagine that’s your CEO who doesn’t have enough bandwidth to view crucial product data ahead of an important meeting with stakeholders. You wouldn’t want your CEO to draw conclusions about a product because of a one-off incident—or your customer, sales team, or anyone else who relies on you for data insights.

That’s where a process called “work fencing” comes in. In an all-cloud environment where elasticity is important, work fencing gives you more control. It lets you optimize the servers you have by allocating a certain number of machines to key individuals within your company. This eliminates problems caused by spikes in server traffic and ensures that specific users always have what they need, when they need it.

Make mobile a priority

Data is better when you can take it with you. By leveraging the power of mobile, companies can make the latest data available to team members, when and where they need it. Constant access to analytics means teams can collaborate in real-time during meetings outside of the office, instantly find answers about team progress, and make key updates and approvals from their phones or tablets. The result is faster, more efficient decision-making, since employees won’t have to put important tasks on hold until they return to their desks.

Data can be an incredible resource for today’s companies, but only if they make the most of the resources and technology at their disposal. With better practices surrounding data and analytics, we can dramatically reduce the time spent dealing with communication roadblocks or data issues and can empower employees with tools to maximize their productivity.

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