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3 Ways MicroStrategy 10.9 Drives Analytics Adoption with Collaboration

Collaboration is a key aspect of the modern work environment. Business users no longer work in silos, and they expect the tools that they use to support and enable collaboration - yet, when it comes to analytics, no single tool has adequately met that need. Until now. Read on to learn how MicroStrategy 10.9 is revolutionizing collaboration around data and analytics.

MicroStrategy 10.9 introduces an entirely new way to connect with colleagues, create dialogue around information, and collaborate to uncover hidden insights.

Below are three ways that MicroStrategy 10.9 is helping to drive the adoption of analytics with collaboration:

  1. Real-time Collaboration

    MicroStrategy 10.9 delivers an easy-to-use social feed so users can keep up with critical topics, stay engaged, and allow teams to work better together. In the feed, users can ask questions, draw attention to trends or outliers, and provide context - directly alongside relevant analysis. More importantly, team members can do it all in real time; users can see who’s online and tag other users to bring them into the conversation before it’s too late to take action.

  2. Contextual Views

    With MicroStrategy 10.9 users can share their current filter state with others without having to permanently save a separate version of a dossier. That means users can slice and dice data using filters, uncover something they want to highlight, share their filter state with a coworker, and know that their teammate will see the data in the exact same context — helping to maintain governance while promoting collaboration.

  3. Notifications

    MicroStrategy 10.9 supports notifications via comments and invitations to dossiers. By tagging people in discussion threads, users can instantaneously send notifications to colleagues to alert them when their attention is required. Users who are tagged in a comment can receive real-time notifications via email, browser banners, page and library alerts, or push notifications.

Current MicroStrategy customers can download MicroStrategy 10.9 today and experience this powerful functionality for themselves. If you want to learn more about MicroStrategy 10.9, be sure to tune in to our webcast on October 25th, What's new in MicroStrategy 10.9.

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