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2016 in Review: The Year in BI

Another year has come and gone in the business intelligence world. Over the past 12 months, we’ve shared the stories and big ideas of our employees and customers, highlighted the tools and trends you need to know about, and had our fair share of fun building dashboards for everything from the election to the Olympics. As we go into 2017 with more data ripe for wrangling, here’s a look back at what made this year in BI memorable.

Educational resources empowered users

We put a big focus on training and educational resources this year and saw the difference it made to our user community. One key element to this education initiative was events, including our global Symposia Series highlighting customer stories, and our new, five-day Jump Start learning program spanning 29 cities around the world. We also made MicroStrategy Desktop free, encouraging new users to try out data analytics.

Our customers inspired us, again and again

We continued to be amazed by what our customers do with our technology. We shared stories about how Omega World Travel, the TSA, Staples and Stuller, are using analytics to help them run more efficiently and improve customer service. We also highlighted BI use cases in major industries from manufacturing and banking, to healthcare and retail.

Visualizations took center stage (and told some great stories)

We put our platform to work this year, showing just how much you can do with data visualization. Our dashboards ranged from playful to serious, with posts showing which American ballpark has the best deal on hot dogs, to global warming trends, to stats behind Election 2016. We didn’t forget about the World Series, Olympics, or Thanksgiving travel either.

The power of mobile gave analytics legs

This year, we explored just how powerful mobile analytics are. We started the conversation explaining how analytics and mobile apps have joined forces to deliver unprecedented value to organizations. Through the expertise of several MicroStrategy teammates, we discussed how mobile analytics improve customer experience and sales, and create ways to make enterprise apps more actionable.

Analytics became more accessible—to everyone

In 2017, BI tools got a whole lot more accessible to folks outside of the IT department, thanks to new self-service functionality. We took time looking at the best ways to get employees on board with using analytics and provided tips for becoming a data analytics expert yourself.

We got a little competitive

Our competitive spirit came out at the Gartner BI Bakeoff, where we flexed our dashboarding muscles. On the blog, we shared some of the biggest takeaways, including our winning dashboard that sheds light on college tuition and SAT scores.

Data governance gave IT teams everywhere a reason to celebrate

Greater access to data analytics this year put a greater emphasis on the importance of data governance. In an effort to smooth this transition, we put together a list of key considerations for data governance that can be applied to any company.

Which trend defined your year in BI? Let us know in the comments below.

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