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At The Table: A Networking Group for Women in Tech

Around the world, women account for less than a third (28.4 percent) of scientific research and development positions. In the United States, women make up only a quarter (25.8 percent) of STEM-related careers. Here at MicroStrategy, we are committed to doing our part to change these trends, and want to take a moment to introduce our newest initiative: At The Table. 

At The Table is a networking and mentoring group for women in technology. It was organized by a group of female executives at MicroStrategy and is dedicated to empowering women, encouraging them to stay in the technology field, and enriching their professional experiences.  

The program calls upon women of all ages and experiences to come together to create a tight, dynamic network. More experienced team members provide guidance and mentoring to new employees, helping younger members identify and pursue new and fulfilling career opportunities. As a program that’s designed for women by women, it aims to make MicroStrategy one of the best places for women to work.

When asked about the motivations behind creating the program, Susan Cook, MicroStrategy’s Executive Vice President of Sales for North America, explained, “When you advance in your career, you get the most from what you leave behind; how you have helped others, how you improved someone or something. Helping others through At The Table is incredibly fulfilling, especially since we’re working with such incredibly passionate and driven women.”

While At The Table began as an organization for MicroStrategy employees, the initiative is actively growing to involve customers, partners, and community members, who are interested in participating in networking events around North America. Looking forward, At The Table plans to grow and extend its scope to include more formal mentoring, as well as educational and training events around the country.

Upcoming At The Table Events:

  • April 18: Women’s Networking Event at MicroStrategy World
  • April 19: STEM For Her 5K at MicroStrategy World
  • May 6-7: Avon Walk in Washington, D.C.
  • June: Women Executive Speaker Series
  • July: Summer BBQ and Game Night @ MicroStrategy HQ
  • September: Women’s Leadership Book Discussion

Interested in getting involved with At The Table? Sign up today for our upcoming 5K race in support of STEM for Her at MicroStrategy World. The race is sponsored by Datastrong and kicks off bright and early on Wednesday, April 19!

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